Stop wasting your time doing #allthethings that aren't getting you results. In 60 minutes we'll target the areas you need the most help in to set you up for success in your business. You'll leave with clarity and confidence in the direction of your business and know what steps to take to move it forward.


My group coaching program is designed to transform your blog into an online business in 12 weeks. Build your brand, stand out online, grow your audience, and create paid offers people will love.

Client Love

Since starting to work with Sheila, I feel like I have better control over what I need to focus on and have direction about the next steps. She offers clear guidance on what I should be doing and HOW I should be doing it. The best part about working with Sheila is not only that she knows her stuff, but she also puts her heart into it - she wants to see me succeed. She also has the right tools to help guide you through the process of refining your blog mission, branding and goals. I would really recommend everyone invest in working with Sheila - she’s the blogging sister you want by your side, helping you figure things but also cheering you on and celebrating your successes with you. Seppy Sabiti, Elle is For Love

I came across Sheila's blog and the work she was doing and knew she was the right match for me in that moment for what I needed. I’m so glad I followed my intuition and invested in myself by working with Sheila because I actually learned a lot about the backend of blogging and marketing that I had no idea about. It also gave me the push and right amount of energy I needed to start to envision all the possibilities of what I want to create and do. Stephanie Wilamowsky, Creating Within

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