Why I Changed My Blog Name

Surprise!!! After having this blog for 3 years, I finally found a name that reflects what I want this blog to represent: In Search of Sheila. I took a little break from my regular posting to give this space a makeover and a new focus. My blog will still focus on fashion, but it will also be a place for me to share lifestyle content and blogging tips. My overall goal is to encourage my readers (YOU!) to be in search of what inspires them to be confident and passionate about their dreams and goals.

My Old Name

My original blog name was “Split Needles” and was the name of a song by The Shins that I randomly picked when I created this platform in 2009. Back then this blog existed as a place that I showcased my photography–aka no one knew it existed. In 2013 I wanted to make a fashion blog and just starting sharing outfits to the same platform. As time went by I gained a following and was met with the problem of having a blog name that made absolutely no sense in relation to the content I was creating. I’ve always cringed at the name and avoided mentioning it on my Instagram or Twitter–I would always just say, “on the blog!”

Finding a New Name

For a while now I have been trying to think of a new name, but always drew a blank, became frustrated, and gave up. I took serious action and actually sat down with a girl friend, pen and paper, and started searching for inspiration. From this leg work, the name “Sincerely Sheila” stuck out as my initial favorite, yet, it wasn’t very original. A few other bloggers I came across include the same closing word with their name and I just wanted something creative. I also wanted my name to encompass what my blog means to me and what I want it to translate to my readers.

The Moment When I Knew

One night I sat down to continue brainstorming and the word “explore” came to mind. I consider myself an inquisitive and curious person and I love exploring places, ideas, subjects, etc. (I also really loves maps and geography!) So I googled “explore synonym” and the word “search” popped up. For some reason I instantly thought of “in search of…” and obviously put my name on the end of it. I instantly texted Erin with my excitement, and she (and my boyfriend) liked it! The saying goes, when you know, you just know, right? Well in that moment, I knew it was the one.
Be sure to check out my updated About Me to get more context into the new direction in my blog. Let me know your thoughts on the new name and the new type of content I am planning to post!

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  • I love the new name Sheila! I'm so excited to see your next posts! I'm sure we'll love them <3

  • I just found your blog on Twitter and it is just lovely 🙂 x

  • Awww congrats on the blog change! I really love the name "In Search of Sheila" and definitely thinks it reflects you and your blog well! <3

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

  • Congrats on finding a name that represents you! So important to have a label that shows your identity! love it xx

  • Love the new name!! It definitely reflects your blog, congrats XX

    The Fashion Road

  • A fresh start is a great idea. I love the name! I think it suits you and the vision you want for your blog. Excited to see what comes next 🙂


  • this post makes me so happy. i've been trying to change my blog's url (it has a similar story to yours, its INXS' song "Suicide Blonde" but translated into very rough Latin) for a very long time and i can relate so much to this. i guess that when i find the right one, i will know. congrats on "starting over" ♥ i am officially following you on bloglovin.


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  • Deanna Cornell

    I think its great that you recognized you need for growth and change and jumped on it. Too many worry about what others think before doing what makes their own hearts smile. Good for you.

    • Thanks girl!! I wanted a name that could grow with me since I’ve always been all over the place with my interest and aspirations 🙂

  • I love reading about how people pick their blog name. Every blog is unique and different and all transform and change to be the best version that the creator can create. The name is perfect!

    • I know there is always a story behind the name!! And thanks Justine, I really love how it totally represents me and flows pretty well haha 🙂

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