Why I Blog: My Purpose and Mission Statement

Holy moly, I feel like I was gone for an eternity! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been in the middle of relaunching In Search of Sheila and well babes, ya girl is BACK! I got a fresh new web site (I moved to WordPress!), focus & direction, and LOTS of exciting content in stored and I’m ready to kick some serious blogging butt! This post is going to be a little more transparent than usual and 100% honest and authentic. Y’all know I always keep it real here at In Search of Sheila, so that’s not going to change. This post will go a little deeper into my blogging struggles from the past few months and what you can expect from me from now on.

I feel like there are so many bloggers nowadays that lack of a meaningful reason behind starting their blogs. Or, let’s be honest–they want to make money from it. I’m not saying that wanting to make money from your blog is bad or not meaningful–it’s actually a really solid reason and I would love to do that too some day. What I am trying to say is that you can’t start a blog one day on a whim with the expectation of making loads of moolah. Not only is it super unrealistic–it will hurt both you and your blog.

Why I Started Blogging

I’ve been documenting my life in an online space for over 13 years, back when Livejournal was the place to be and the concept of a “blog” wasn’t something that existed. I posted photos of my adventures with my friends and my daily thoughts (plus all da drama because oh, whoa is me, teen years were rough man) with the purpose of sharing my life with others. Then I was on Tumblr from 2009-2013, which led me to creating a personal style blog (a.k.a. this one). It was under a different (and cringe-worthy) name then, which I didn’t change until early 2016.  You can read alll about that HERE.

I continued with the intention of sharing daily outfits, along with ramblings about my life as a college student. And the funny thing is, no one really read my blog, so I was posting merely for myself. And that’s one aspect people should consider before they start a blog–are you writing for yourself and other people? Or just other people? Of course you can use your blog to inspire and help others, but it should ultimately serve you and your values in life.

Were my readers (once I finally got some) enjoying my posts and getting value out of them? Maybe. Was I getting value and joy out of them?

Then, yes. But not anymore.

Blog Purpose and Mission Statement

My Battle With Self-Doubt

This isn’t to say that what my blog used to be wasn’t fulfilling me–I really did enjoy the content I was making, but soon encountered a radical change in my state of mind and what I wanted out of life–and my blog. Believe it or not, the moment that started it all was when I got shadowbanned on Instagram and my engagement began to tank, which sent me into a frenzy of comparison, anger, and self-doubt. Why wasn’t I getting more followers? Why weren’t my pictures getting as many likes and comments as they used to? Why wasn’t my account as big as so-and-so who had less followers than me at one point? I got stuck in the comparison trap and couldn’t get out.

My Instagram follower count has been static since January, despite all the “strategies” I was using to make it grow. The day that I had an internal break down (because of social media, how embarrassing, right?) was also a full moon. I won’t get too woo woo in this post, but then it all clicked why I was experiencing these negative emotions about myself and my blog. (I don’t know how many of you are into astrology and following the moon cycles, but I just started to and it’s been really helping me in my personal life and my blog life.)

My Duh! Moment

And it was that moment that “changed my life.” That’s putting it lightly, but I started to realize that I had been playing the blogging game all wrong. If you read this post back in February you know that I decided to start taking my blog more seriously to eventually blossom it into a business. I still want that for In Search of Sheila, but that being the driving force is what ultimately led to my downfall.

Although I did start implementing growth strategies and continued to consistently post 3 times a week, I still had no focus or purpose with my blog. In my mind it was a corner of the internet where I shared style, blogging, and life tips. Really groundbreaking right? You can find that anywhere. I also struggled every week to think of content to write and ended up doing it the day before, which really began to stress me out as I also started to grow my email list, Pinterest, and continued to fight with Instagram. All in between working full time. Enough was enough!

Why I Blog Today

In Search of Sheila is heading in a new direction and honestly, I couldn’t be any more pumped about it. After my mid-blog life-crisis, I took a couple of weeks to figure out how the heck I wanted In Search of Sheila to serve my readers and most importantly: myself. After careful introspection and research on intentional living, I discovered that my mission in life is to help women discover their purpose and how to turn their passions into  a thriving blog with intention that makes an impact online. GIRL, I am ready to serve YOU! Lets do dis!

I’ve already gotten emails from some amazing women and it still boggles my mind that they took the time out of their day to send me a heart felt email sharing their story and blogging struggles in search of a little more clarity and advice. THIS my friends, is what I’m called to do. I’m just oozing with excitement about where I am heading in helping YOU and fulfilling my purpose in life. Are you ready to start this new journey with me?

What to Expect

First of all, there aren’t going to be anymore fashion-related posts. I know this is a bold declaration coming from me and at first I felt like I was betraying my roots and my readers, but I will discuss this whole topic in a future post. You can follow me on Instagram for style inspiration, but frankly talking about clothes just doesn’t bring my joy anymore!

What you can still expect is weekly blogging and social media tips, but now I will focus on sharing tips that promote intentionality and authenticity. I feel like there are so many bloggers out there who start a blog and then quit, and I don’t want that for you. You can read more about what will be coming to In Search of Sheila here.

Additionally, I will continue to share my personal journey (this IS called In Search of Sheila) with intentional living advice and tips to lead a more productive and happier life. Most importantly, I want my blog to become more of a community. If you want to join me in taking steps to blogging more intentionally and living with purpose, I encourage you to join my email squad. That way we can connect on a more personal level than on here or social media. And I have lots of free goodies waiting for you to improve your blog waiting in my resource library 🙂

Why do you blog? Do you have a mission statement? I would love to hear the reasons behind why you started your blog and your intentions behind it! Lets start the conversation below. And if this post helped you or you think it would help someone else, please tweet it or pin the image below!

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  • Sepideh

    Ahhhhh I’m OOZING for excitement for you!! I can FEEL it through your words.
    First of all, I’m so happy for you that you have found purpose and a clear direction for your blog. I check your blog all the time and I’m on your mailing list and I already love your content so I’m excited to see what ELSE you come up with! YOU GO GIRL!
    Turns out, your content is actually VERY useful to me since I re-launched by blog in February and I’m still working out the kinks! I’m in learning mode and I’m still trying to refine the purpose of my blog. I have an idea in mind and I think most of the content reflects it, but I have a hard time putting into words what the purpose is… I really want to define that clearly to have more direction about content but I’m struggling with finding the right words and explanation to define the purpose of my blog. Any advice on that?! What I have so far (and I’m not sure if it’s too general, too generic?..) I want to empower and inspire women to make positive changes in their lives to become the best version of themselves – to work on themselves, to grow, to learn, to improve, to challenge themselves… I want my blog to be a resource and inspiration for women if they want to make changes in their lives.
    (wow this is a long answer!)

    • Hey Sepideh!! I love long comments, they get me thinking 😉 I LOVE your message you’re trying to get across with your blog, we all as women need to feel empowered and motivated. It seems like you have a firm grip and what you want your blog to be (informative + encouraging), but I do suggest trying to figure out your ideal reader. Who are you targeting? “Women” is a very broad category, so having a specific group of women would help you define your purpose and who you’re writing to. For me, I target 20 something female bloggers who are passionate, but struggling to grow their blogs. What kind of women do you want to target? Millennial moms? College students? Women who work a 9-5, but want something more in their lives? If you want some resources on figuring your reader out, shoot me an email at and I can offer you some more help!

  • Super excited for you!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    This is super exciting! I just recently discovered your blog and I LOVE it! Good for you that you found a clear vision of what it is you want for your blog. I’m still trying to narrow down exactly why I blog too and this has definitely got me thinking!


    • Thanks for reading, Amanda! I am so excited 🙂 I will be posting lots of content on finding your reason for blogging, so stay tuned!

  • Love this so much! I found my blogging purpose last year and it’s very similar to yours. I didn’t wanna run another millennial lifestyle blog, I wanted to be REAL about how hard our twenties can be. After doing this I stopped writing posts that were just for views or new followers, because what’s the point if it didn’t resonate with me?

    • Sooo true, Rubi! It’s so easy to get caught up in writing what you think will perform well, when in reality it’s not about the numbers! We need to write from our heart. Thanks for reading 🙂

    • Belema Ronabere

      Me too. I feel like at this point, we all know how to dress and do our hair. They are important too but now, I feel like so many other things are getting neglected. This is why I blog about real issues. At least, the ones I know about.

      • exactly! I never blogged about fashion, because for myself I’ve never read a fashion blog I loved or that 100% my style, but that’s just me. I’m not writing about politics or world issues (yet) but I enjoy so much more talking about the topics I would talk to my real life friends about!

        • It’s much more meaningful to talk about life issues vs. fashion issues, haha! To me anyway 🙂

        • Belema Ronabere

          I still like fashion blogs. I just wish they’d write mor e about how to wear certain styles. Like pairing this with that. Not just their wardrobe. I can’t spend $34 on a dress and they say it’s a steal. Heck I don’t even spend in usd. lol

      • Girl, yes!! My overall view of life has just changed. I realized I stressed out about what outfits I was wearing because I was so focused on getting photos of it.

        And yes, I’m glad there are more bloggers out there talking about other issues besides what to wear this weekend.

  • I love the tagline! The blog looks really pretty, Sheila! It’s so upsetting that social media can drive us crazy! Breakdowns and life crisis aren’t fun. They are just good after having a ‘duh!’ moment. I blog because is fun! and it keeps me busy doing something I enjoy while trying to discover the reason why I’m in this earth (a.k.a until I find a job) hahaha

    xx, Melissa

    • Thanks for the feedback, Melissa! I agree about social media, it can really take a toll on some people! I always have to remind myself to focus on my personal wins & progress looks different for everybody.

      And yes! Blogging should always be fun 🙂

  • Love the new site! 🙂 And this post. Thanks for sharing your heart and being 100% authentic. It’s refreshing in this crazy mixed-up world. I can’t wait to follow along with your journey.

    • Thank you Caitlin! I do hope to bring a lot more authenticity into this world that can be a little vapid sometimes And yay! So glad you have you on board 🙂

  • deerheart lovejoy

    I loved reading this! I do not have a mission statement. That’s an interesting idea though. In terms of why I’m blogging, for now its truly catharsis and a fun hobby. If sharing my efforts to find joy, or connecting with others through shared experiences is all that comes from it then I am so happy about that!

    • Thanks for reading, Valerie! To me, it was important to establish a mission statement rather than pick a narrow niche. I’m the kind of person that needs direction (lol, in search of jokes) so having one allows me to decide on blog post topics and if working with a brand or blogger fits my blog and audience.

      I agree that using a blog as an act of expression and connecting with others is wholeheartedly what the foundation of a blog should be!

  • Congratulations on your relaunch. I know how hard it could be to reach your audience in a meaningful way. Most are not willing to be so vulnerable. Kudos to you

    • Thank you for the kind words, Katina! I’m definitely trying to be more open and vulnerable on my blog in hopes of helping others 🙂

    • Thank you Katina! I’m learning to be more open not just in an online space, but with myself in general. It’s very freeing!

  • Your blog is so beautiful, I love it! It can be so freeing documenting what you really love, finding what makes you so happy to write about 😀 I can’t wait to read more from your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    • Thank you Elizabeth, that is very sweet of you to say! Your blog is very beautiful too 🙂 I try to surround myself with as much joy as possible, my blog being one of those!

    • Thank you so much, Elizabeth! Finding joy in everything I do is what’s most important to me, so I’m glad to have found the right path 🙂

  • I’m so happy for you Sheila!! Can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up – your guides are so helpful!

    • Thank you Jessica!! I’m happy to finally be heading in the right direction and I love making guides!!

  • I love this! I can relate to a lot of your challenges with blogging and Instagram and feeling like you aren’t growing much. It can be so frustrating and I think the temptation to be like more “successful” bloggers is definitely there. But being you is always best and will attract the right people – as cliche as it sounds. I love this!

    • Ugh, yes! Comparison is something I’ve struggled with all my life. I’m happy to report that since I outlined my values as a person and my mission as a blogger, I can refocus my energy on fulfilling that, rather than measuring success by numbers. Thanks for reading Ro!

  • Karli Kuharik

    I definitely relate to this. I’m so stuck with my blog right now: I haven’t written since May! I’ve been in a deep personal rut and going through a lot but I have been taking notes to refer to and inspire future posts. I’m not sure what my mission statement is yet, nor the purpose of my blog. I don’t have any wonderful advice to give, nor a great sense of style. But I do love doing product reviews (cheesy, I know), and I love posting about traveling. My goal for my blog is to be able to travel more, share my experiences, and maybe motivate others to do the same. But who knows? I’ll figure it out some day. Can’t wait to see more of your posts. And I’m loving the re-design! <3

    • Hey Karli! Thanks for reading. I think taking some time off is very important, especially since you just aren’t feeling it right now! I’m sure you have lots of advice to give, we all have a unique perspective on the world. Maybe it’s not style, but since you love traveling I’m sure you could share better tips on packing or what to do or see in a city than I could 😉 Good luck!

  • Christine Powers

    Hi there! I love your blog and nominated you for the blogger recognition award! <3

    Congrats! <3

  • Yvonne Cruz

    I resonate with this post so hard! Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing. Recently I feel like I’ve ne trying to figure out exactly what direction to take my blog. I had to remind my self of what initially drew me to start blogging in the first place. For me blogging and my whole social media presence serves as a platform for creative expression and above all a place for fun. I also love blogging about authenticity so I think it would be silly for me not to follow my own advice I just do whatever the heck I want with my blog! Sure it might seem all over the place but i think for now, as I explore my voice, that’s okay.

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.


    • Hi Yvonne, thanks for reading and taking the time to share your comment!

      Blogging should always be a creative and fun outlet, otherwise why pour our heart into it? It is definitely a journey for the blogger, navigating in between what serves her and what doesn’t, at least that’s how mine has transpired! I had to do a lot of different things to figure out what I truly wanted to do. I love the idea of exploring your voice, good luck with your blog journey! x

  • Great post! Good luck on your blog!

  • Love this! It’s so great you are finally finding your direction. Every blogger goes through this, and I am too. I feel I’m finding my way with variant in posts I write and what direction I will naturally follow.

    Good luck lovely!

    a life of a charlotte


    • Thanks for reading Charlotte! I feel like this whole process is part of the blogging path. It’s impossible to start out knowing all the right things to do–we must learn as we go!

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  • HeathersAmbitions

    I love this post Sheila! I can’t wait to see where your blog goes in the future. It is absolutely stunning.
    I started my blog because I want to inspire others with my life and struggles to go after their dreams no matter what’s holding them back. Because honestly, the only thing that is really holding you back is yourself.
    My blog is a mix of my life, the past and present. I love writing out my thoughts to help others and to challenge people’s thinking.

    • Thanks Heather! I love your message and YES we ourselves are the only thing that is ever standing in our way of achieving our dreams.

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  • Yes girl! this is awesome! Glad you found your focus! What a great first post for me to read. I’m looking forward to reading more!

    • Thank you Amanda! Focus is really helping me be more balanced with my blog and life in general 🙂

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  • The similarities we share are almost scary except for the fact that NOW I’ve found a kindred soul!

    • Yessss! I thought that too when I clicked on your blog in the Facebook group 🙂

  • This post right here!!!! I resonate with all the things right now. I can’t tell you how much this has inspired me and has made me feel that I am taking the right step for my blog. I am a newbie blogger. When I first started out, I wanted to talk about health and wellness, and all things related. But once I started writing blog posts, I realized that, though I am somewhat passionate about helping others be healthier, that’s not my true calling. Rather, I just enjoy helping others! Period!!! Especially helping them to find their purpose in life, be optimistic, and go out in the world to live the life they want to live!!! So one month into blogging, I have already started to re-brand my blog (name change coming soon!). And honestly, my traffic has skyrocketed because of it. One of my posts recently went viral too! It made me happy, but also helped me to realize that blogging is a passion of mine because it is my voice that I can use to reach thousands of people at once. Interestingly enough, I already plan on posting a blog about re-branding and finding my true purpose in life and blogging!

    It’s absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring me to continue on my blogging journey. 🙂 Sharing this post!!

    • This is absolutely amazing!! I am so happy when other bloggers reach out to me with find their purpose in life…it’s SO life changing, isn’t it?! I don’t have any doubts about myself or my blog, I am FOCUSED and know where I’m heading. That is the kind of clarity I’ve been in search of for so long.

      Good luck with the rebrand Sade and please let me know when everything is up and running, I would love to check your blog out!

  • Shannon Wong

    I have this post right next to my own post that I’m writing about what I’ve rebranded my blog to. I hope that this is the answer that I’ve been searching for and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

    • Yay that makes me happy to hear, especially now that you’ve officially relaunched your site!! Rebranding has changed my blog + life so much, it’s so crazy to reread this blog post, 6 months later!

  • Emily Villaseca

    This is such a great post – I’m glad I poked around on your site some to find it! I’m a new blogger and am working on honing in on exactly what my path is (I feel like i have a good mission, just working on all the stuff that comes after that). I’m definitely gonna be utilizing your resource library – thanks Sheila!

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