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Why Doing Things Alone Isn’t a Bad Thing

 Society has wired our brains to believe that being by ourselves is a bad thing. Single? Go out and find a lover. Living alone? Are you crazy? Out to eat by yourself? I feel so sorry for that person. Yes, humans need to be social to maintain a happy and meaningful life (it’s scientifically proven), but that doesn’t mean that being alone can’t help you reach these same goals. I often find myself in conversation with friends and coworkers about how they would never go out to eat or travel alone, live by themselves, or attend a social event without a friend or group. As human beings, we are social creatures and we crave interaction. There, however, remains a social stigma that being by yourself is a bad thing.
Even though it’s well into the 21st century, and ideals about relationships and living situations are much different than they were back than in the mid-twentieth century, society is still learning that it’s okay to be alone. While I do enjoy the company of others, I’ve always considered myself an “outgoing introvert.” I do enjoy the company of others, but I also need time to myself to recharge. I even actually prefer to do some activities alone, although some do still give me anxiety. Today I’m destroying the stigma with 5 reasons why doing things alone isn’t a bad thing.

1. You See Things In a Different Perspective
When we are surrounded by others it is very easy to become influenced by other’s opinions, whether you agree with them or not. Have you ever heard of the term groupthink? The psychological desire for conformity within a group often leads an individual to make irrational decisions they probably wouldn’t have made if they were alone. To put it simply, when you’re alone in certain situations you have time to process your own decisions and opinions without the influence of others. I like taking walks or sitting in a park by myself to collect my thoughts and observe. Bringing along a journal to capture these thoughts is a great way to reflect back on it as well.
2. You’re In Control Your Situation
One activity I prefer to do by myself is to go shopping for one simple reason: I am in control of how much time I spend looking around, trying on clothes, and deciding (which takes a while because I’m indecisive) if I will actually purchase an item. I have also noticed that I tend to be a faster browser than my friends, because I like to know what I am shopping for. This also helps you to budget your money, instead of just going crazy and buying everything you see, or because your friend is egging you on because “it looks so cute on you!” Do you really need another pair of black shoes? (Okay, I might…) I also find it really therapeutic to shop by myself!
3. Helps You Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
The thought of going out to eat alone or to a concert by yourself may seem like a scary thought…but once you actually do it, you gain a sense of pride and accomplishment. If we don’t do things that seem difficult or daunting, will we ever grow as a person? I like to compare this situation to working out…if we don’t push ourselves to do those few extra push ups or run that extra mile, will we ever become stronger? It may seem like a cheesy analogy, but (mental) pain is gain.
4. Makes You More Independent

This kind of goes along with getting out of your comfort zone. Since moving into an apartment by myself, I have become so much more independent. I pay my own bills, I clean my own dishes, I watch my favorite tv shows, etc. Basically I have the capability of sticking to my routines and daily goals without the interference of a roommate who may need to talk or want to hangout.

5. You’ll Inspire Others

When you begin to embrace the idea of being alone and put yourself into real life situations, such as at a restaurant or concert, other people will notice your confidence. Instead of thinking that everyone is judging you, more times than likely those exact people are thinking to themselves, “wow, I wish I had their courage to be here by myself!” You essentially become an inspiration to others who may want to try things alone, but are afraid to. In doing so you will inspire yourself and boost your confidence!

And those are my five reasons why doing things by yourself doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Obviously I love hanging out with my friends & family and talking to people. I don’t think I could deal with being alone all the time, since I’m not a creature of solitude! But when you become drained of social activity, just remember that it’s okay to do things solo.

How do you feel about doing things alone? Are you an extrovert, introvert, or somewhere in between? What is something you have done alone that you initially were afraid to do, but realized it wasn’t so bad after?

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  • I couldn't agree more about shopping alone! And even though I'm in a long term relationship I enjoy doing things by myself and being independent.

  • Love this post. I can totally relate. I'm such an independent worker

  • I absolutely love this post & I couldn't agree more, it felt like reading my own thoughts! 🙂 I'm an introvert & I really enjoy being on my own/doing things on my own. I prefer going shopping alone for the exact reason you've mentioned & going on a walk by myself is something I do quite often too. I'm looking forward to reading more posts in this series, have a wonderful weekend x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  • I love this post! It's so inspiring as I'm a creature of solitude. While I do enjoy small doses of social activity with the loved ones, I must recharge by being in my solo space as I tend to absorb other people's emotions far too easily that will get me agitated for no reason or drain me. I admire your solo lifestyle, want to emulate it and look forward to your Going Solo series! 🙂 xo

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  • I absolutely love how this is written. I can totally relate to so much of what you wrote! I'm an introvert most of the time, so I love doing things alone (going to the beach, shopping, going on long walks, exploring new places) and just being alone with my thoughts.
    I really like your blog. I'm a new follower 🙂 Looking forward to new content! x Alona

  • K.C

    I love doing things alone, going to the movies, the library, etc. it's so peaceful for me. It gives me more of an ability to be myself. This is such a great post!!

  • I love this post! Makes me feel more confident haha 🙂

    Lina /

  • Love this post, Catherine! I completely agree with you. I have learned so much more about me by spending time with myself. Hope you have a lovely weekend <3

    Edye //

  • Love this post! It's great to have company, but it's also so important to have "me time." I've been wanting to travel alone, but I'm still not sure about it.

    Kara //

  • I totally agree! I defo work best on my own and I could not have put things any better




  • Totally agree with you! being alone is a great thing. You have time to focus on your inner peace! great read

  • Love this post! I completely agree that doing things alone is a good thing, I always go shopping alone because I can get exactly what I'm after and not worry about faffing on waiting on other people or stressing that I'm keeping someone waiting which may sound selfish but I'm quite happy in my own company at times. Last year, I really wanted to attend this 3 day course in London, so I took the plunge and just thought fuck it I'm going to do it on my own, probably the only time I've ever travelled alone properly and I found it so liberating being able to dine out alone and explore at my own pace ,and made me feel much more independent 🙂 I still need to try attending the cinema on my own, I don't know why it's just something I've always fancied trying out to see what its like 😀 haha! Thanks for sharing this inspirational post 🙂


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