Are you ready to take
your blog to the next level?

But tired of wasting time trying to figure everything out on your own?

Let's work one-on-one together to create a personalized growth strategy to get your blog on track to success!

Are you struggling to grow your blog and get measurable results? Are you tired of trying every strategy on Pinterest, only to find they just aren't working for you?

Do you just want to pick someone's brain who's a few steps ahead of you and can give you advice that is 100% tailored to you?

The 60-Minute or 90-Minute Strategy Sessions are perfect for the blogger who needs help in one specific area and want to work one-on-one with me to come up with an effective action plan to get results.

Have a million ideas buzzing in your head, but aren’t sure what you should focus on most?

Here's what we can accomplish together:

-Identify your target reader so you can gain a sense of clarity and know exactly what kind of content to create that they will love

-Develop a growth plan to attract more people to your site, boost your traffic, and grow your audience

-Conduct an audit of your blog + brand to figure out where you need to make improvements to maximize results

-Create a kick ass content strategy for your blog, social media, and email list that gets results

- Come up with a monetization strategy to determine what income streams are ideal for you to effectively start making money with your blog

-And more!

You'll leave our session with clarity + confidence in your blog and an action plan to achieve your blogging goals. It's time to stop trying to figure everything out on your own and get a personalized blog plan for success.

​​​Let’s work together so I can turn your overwhelm into an action plan!

What's Included:

Pre-Session Questionnaire

Once your session has been scheduled, I'll send you a detailed questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire will give me an idea of your struggles + goals to help us make the most of our time together by focusing on 1-3 areas to focus on during our call. 

Video Call

Our call will take place through Google Hangouts. You will be emailed with the link to our meeting ahead of time.

To attend our session, you will need to access the link I provide you at the scheduled time.

Note: you will need to set up a Google Hangouts if you haven't used it before.

Follow-Up with Action Steps

No need to take notes during the call. I will send you a detailed outline of everything we covered, plus a step-by-step action plan and links to any resources mentioned during our session.

You have two options:

60-Minute Strategy Session

-Pre-Session Questionnaire

-One 60-Minute Video Call

-Follow-Up with Action Steps

Your Investment: $97

90-Minute Strategy Session

-Pre-Session Questionnaire

-One 90-Minute Video Call

-Follow-Up with Action Steps

Your Investment: $127

This is for you if...

-You're feeling all over the place and aren't sure what you should be focusing your attention on the most to grow your blog

-You feel stuck with your blog and aren't sure what your next steps should be to achieve your goals

-You want a customized strategy that is designed to work for you and not everyone else

-You want one-on-one guidance from someone who's super passionate about helping you succeed

-You're motivated and committed to putting intentional effort into transforming your blog into a purposeful business

​​​Wanna know what other ambitious women are saying?

Sepideh Sabati

Before our first session, I was struggling with the direction of my blog and the steps that I needed to take so that I could step up my blogging game. I felt often overwhelmed and pulled in too many directions, not knowing where to place my priorities.

With the tools and guidance from Sheila, I was able to dig deep and pinpoint my blog’s purpose and mission, which is VERY exciting because I’ve uncovered what I’m passionate about and how to create content that will hopefully help my readers.

Since starting to work with Sheila, I feel like I have better control over what I need to focus on and have direction about the next steps. She offers clear guidance on what I should be doing and HOW I should be doing it.

The best part about working with Sheila is not only that she knows her stuff, but she also puts her heart into it - she wants to see me succeed. She also has the right tools to help guide you through the process of refining your blog mission, branding and goals.

I would really recommend everyone invest in working with Sheila - she’s the blogging sister you want by your side, helping you figure things but also cheering you on and celebrating your successes with you.

Ready to take action?

Here's What Happens Next:

1. Fill out the contact form below indicating which strategy session you would like and what topics you would like to cover during our call.

2. I will be in touch within 24 business hours to confirm your interest and to make sure we're a good fit.

3. If we're a match made in heaven, we'll schedule our call!

4. Once you book your session I will email you a contract, invoice, and pre-session questionnaire to be completed within 24 hours to secure your spot. 

5. We have our strategy session and make some blog magic happen!

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