My Blogging Process + Some Tips

Blogger Process Tips
I don’t know about you guys, but I like reading about how other blogger’s blog. I’ve been blogging for almost four years now (what!!) and I’ve finally developed a routine that works for me. When I was in college my posts were pretty sporadic, but now I consistently post three times a week, two of those posts always being outfits. I know we all have our own routines and what works for us, so I thought I would give a little behind the scenes and share how In Search of Sheila functions. 

  • I keep track of blog post ideas in several notebooks, my planner, and on my phone.
  • I have a desk calendar specifically for my blog because I’m a visual person and like to see my month at a glance to help me organize what days I plan to post.
  • Tip: Use a planner that has both a calendar and weekly view to give you a short and long range plan of your posts. A monthly view helps you plan in advance and a weekly view reminds you of what you need to post that week!
  • I recently invested in a Canon T6i which I am LOVING!
  • As for other gear I just use a tripod and actually never used a remote. The T6i actually has a WiFi remote setting that connects to your phone through an app and it’s honestly life-changing (and one of the reasons I decided on this model).
  • Tip: You don’t need a fancy camera to be a blogger!! There are many people out there running successful blogs with just a phone camera or point and shoot. My advice is to do your research and find what’s best that’s within your budget.
  • I bulk shoot on the weekends when I have free time and squeeze in shoots after work depending on sunlight (clearly harder to shoot in the winter time with limited daylight).
  • Most of the time I shoot my flat lays with a tripod and self-timer. For outfit and portrait shots on location, I usually have my boyfriend or a friend to help me snap. All other times the photographer will be credited.
  • I use Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 which I lease monthly for around $10.
  • I like to translate a narrative (thanks grad school) in every post rather than just saying “here is what I wore.” Does it annoy anyone else when bloggers only post photos and don’t write anything?
  • I always make sure I proofread for typos or sentences that don’t make any sense.
  • Tip: Reading your posts out loud helps identify if words flow together or not and also for typos!
  • Tip: If you have writer’s block, just start typing whatever comes to mind. I usually start talking about the weather or something about my day. It helps!
  • After the post is published I always promote it on my social media accounts: Twitter,  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.
  • Another great place to promote your post and receive genuine engagement is in Facebook groups.
  • *Tip: Hashtags are a small blogger’s best friend. Don’t be ashamed to use them!

And that’s how I blog!

Have you developed a blogging routine that works for you? How long does it typically take you to get a post up between shooting, editing, and writing? I’d love to hear some of your tips and tricks!

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  • This is good! I want to start posting fashion posts as well, so thanks for the photo tips! x

  • I find that planning ahead helps so much! Thanks for sharing these great tips.
    Beauty Candy Loves

  • These tips were so SO helpful! I've recently been trying to get back into blogging my outfits consistently but then I read about other bloggers and they have photographer best friends/boyfriends so I get a bit discouraged haha… Knowing that you usually do the photography work (which is amazing because your photos look so professional!!) motivates me to also try~ Thank you for this post 🙂

  • Loved all these tips, they are so helpful ! 🙂

  • Wow your pictures are so good considering that you shoot them all by yourself!! When I first started taking outfit pictures back in 2008 (and posting them on Chictopia) I used a point-and-shoot camera and took timer photos inside my messy apartment. I think I would feel way too awkward doing that outside where people can see me, so props to you! Also I so need to think about setting a schedule like you've done, I feel like life is getting in the way more often than not for me and I have so much content I am behind on posting! But you're right, the non-outfit posts take the longest!

    xx freshfizzle

  • SO MUCH YES to 6, I really don't like outfit posts without writing and my favourites are the ones with the kind of narrative you described! Great post <3

  • These are such amazing tips! I love your blog!

    Bella x

  • These are such great tips. I'm a sucker for blogging tips posts. For me personally, I don't give myself a set date to post. I usually go with whenever I have off work and I'm not busy. I do however have an entire list of post ideas so that does help. I feel you about the facebook page getting the least amount of love. I want to start upping my IG game so that's my next goal too!

    – Damarcia
    Amour Marci

  • Such a great post! It was so interesting
    Btw, I've been seeing your Instagram stories and I think you're amazing for almost always taking your own photos!! I need to try so I can get out more content since it is a hassle to always have someone take your photo 🙁

    Kara //

  • I need to do better at planning. Like you, I am a procrastinator. Kudos to you for taking your own outfit shots.

  • I loved this post! When I worked in a law office, my desk planner was the favorite part of my work schedule – I loved color coding when things were due or when I had to do specific tasks!

  • Sepideh

    I’ve started typing out blogposts on my phone whenever inspiration strikes and it’s been GREAT! Sometimes I just write out a blogpost without thinking about the flow just to get out what I’m thinking and then I go back and I edit.

    I’ll try to the reading out loud tip to see how it goes! Sometimes I feel like I stumble over my words and I’m not expressing what I’m trying to say and it gets very frustrating.

    • totally! I always feel more inspired + motivated with posts when it’s on a whim and a not so formal format such as on my phone!

      And reading it out loud definitely helps. Sometimes I don’t feel like talking and don’t do it…then it shows in my horrible flow and grammar lol

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