Hey biz babe! Have you been feeling like this recently?

  • Totally lost with the direction your business is heading in
  • Lacking confidence in your content + message you're sharing
  • Totally invisible to your dream clients & customers, constantly wondering if they'll ever find you 
  • Frustrated by #allthethings you feel like you should be doing 
  • Overwhelmed by so many ideas buzzing in your head that you're not getting anything accomplished
  • Worried that you'll never make a dime despite all the hard work + energy you're pouring into your business every day

Girl, I've been there! Now how would it feel to...

  • Be completely confident & clear in who you serve and how you serve them
  • Be the girl that everyone comes to for advice and is tagging on their Instagram stories + Facebook posts
  • Have a community of raving fans, loyal customers, and high-vibe support system
  • Generate more sales and engagment by being unapologetically yourself
  • Simplify your entire business so you can grow it in a constant state of flow
  • Sell your digital products & services easily and effortlessly

Girl, it is totally possible to make money online being unapologetically YOU. In fact, it can be EASY.  

Hey girl hey! I'm Sheila.

It's my mission to help creative & high-vibe female entrepreneurs like you get clarity on who they serve, master they message and attract the right people to their business with irresistible content + offers. 

I'm here to teach you the exact steps to make the income and impact you were called to do.  

I don't like to follow the rules and believe that "one-size-fits-all" approaches to growing a successful online business don't exist. 

I help my clients create customized strategies that are aligned with their unique gifts + audience.  

Sidenote: I'm a down-to-earth and extremely stubborn (yet LOYAL) Taurus who isn't afraid to tell you like it is. Dishing tough-love is my jam. Proud nerd with two history degrees. Full-time Archivist. Latte lover. Moon cycle tracker. Game of Thrones obsessed.  

I help my clients create customized strategies that are aligned with their unique gifts + audience.  

Since starting to work with Sheila, I feel like I have better control over what I need to focus on and have direction about the next steps. She offers clear guidance on what I should be doing and HOW I should be doing it.  

The best part about working with Sheila is not only that she knows her stuff, but she also puts her heart into it - she wants to see me succeed. She also has the right tools to help guide you through the process of refining your blog mission, branding and goals.  

I would really recommend everyone invest in working with Sheila - she’s the blogging sister you want by your side, helping you figure things but also cheering you on and celebrating your successes with you.

Seppy Sabiti, Elle is For Love

Here's what's included in our mentorship:


This 90-minute call is done before our actual coaching sessions begin. Its purpose is to assess where you're at and plan out our next 3 months together. I want to dive in DEEP and know you and your blog inside and out before we get started.  


After your initial assessment you will receive six 45-minute sessions over the next 3 months. Each session is completely tailored to your goals. You'll also leave each session with homework and direction so you're never left wondering what you should do next.  


My clients are my #1 priority so your emails will always get answered first. Have a question or need some accountability ASAP? Shoot me an email and I'll be there to guide and empower you. I guarantee a response within 24 hours.  


I'll provide you with all the trainings, workbooks, templates, and tutorials that you need throughout the duration of the program.  


No need to take notes during our sessions! They will all be recorded via Zoom and available for replay at any time.


Get bonus access to all my digital courses + offerings. I also like to spoil my clients so you can expect some unexpected gifts + goodies along the way :)


Payment plans available.

Although our sessions are totally customized to align with your needs, here are some of the areas that we will cover together:

  • Community-Building
  • Email Marketing
  • Identify Your Ideal Customer
  • How to Sell Yourself Through Storytelling
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Money + Income Strategy  
  • Goal Setting
  • Product Creation
  • Webinars + Live Video
  •  Workflows and Systems
  • Mindset + Self-Care 
  • Manifesting + Law of Attraction

When we work together, I become 100% invested in YOU.

I came across Sheila's blog and the work she was doing and knew she was the right match for me in that moment for what I needed.  

I’m so glad I followed my intuition and invested in myself by working with Sheila because I actually learned a lot about the backend of blogging and marketing that I had no idea about.  

It also gave me the push and right amount of energy I needed to start to envision all the possibilities of what I want to create and do.  

Stephanie Wilamowsky, CreatingWithin


What if I don't have the money? 

Here's how I look at it: you have two options. Either try and figure it out all on your own (which will take a super long time!) or work with me one-on-one and get everything you need WHEN you need it most. If you don't have the funds right now, I understand! That's why I would love to set up a payment plan that aligns with your budget. Just email me at contact@insearchofsheila.com to explore your options.

Can I get a refund?  

Sorrynotsorry...but, no. Private coaching is a huge commitment for both of us. If you go into this program feeling iffy about it, you're only setting yourself up for failure. But, if you join me in this journey feeling excited, determined, and grateful for what is in stored for you and your business, then success is the only thing that will happen! Once you have paid no refunds will be offered.

Who is this program for?

  • Bloggers and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to stand out online, grow their audience, and take major action to get their online business off the ground
  • You've been in business for one year of less
  • You need personalized attention that you can't get from courses or group programs
  • You are open and ready to make major changes in your business to succeed

What if I don't have a website?

My private mentorship is for the female creative who already has her foundational stuff (website, social media platforms, email list) set up, but is struggling to reach her goals. If you are starting from square one, this mentorship is not for you.

Why should you work with me, you ask?

  • I like to get to know you inside and out and help you discover the best ways to market your story & strengths to stand out online.
  • When we work together we establish an unbreakable bond and become #bizbesties. I’m not just here to teach you, I’m here to cheer you on.
  • There are so many coaches out there who will tell you that their strategies are the ONLY ones you need to succeed. I’m not gonna do that. I create custom strategies that are aligned with YOU.
  • I personalize all my coaching packages. No two are the same.
  • When we work together, I become 100% invested in YOU. My clients are my #1 priority because I want all the success in the world for you.
  • I'm a down-to-earth Taurus who will tell you like it is. If you need some tough-love, I'm not afraid to give it to you!
  • I've invested in a lot of courses, trainings, and coaching to get to where I am today. You have my word that I know a thing or two about business, blogging, and selling yourself online! 

Plus I love all things woo and like to sprinkle it into my strategies + trainings. If you've always wanted to learn more about tapping into your intuition, manifesting and the Law of Attraction, we're a match made in heaven!

What Happens Next?

  • Click the button below to apply for the program. 
  • You'll receive a questionnaire to complete.
  • We'll schedule a time to chat if the program is right for you.
  • You'll make your purchase and I'll send over your welcome kit and contract.
  • We book your first call and you start your journey to transforming your blog into a coaching business!