In Search of Sheila Wants To Hear From You

One thing I’ve been working on in my life is learning when and how to ask for help. I’m a bit stubborn and sometimes I think I can handle things on my own. Well, one thing that I can’t do on my own is continue to run In Search of Sheila without having some input from the people that read, comment, share, and follow along outside this little blog on my email newsletter and social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. So this is me asking for your help: what do you want to see on In Search of Sheila?

So, a little bit of a different post today…I’m turning the tables and want to hear from YOU, the reader. You might be wondering, hmm, Sheila, why do you want my opinion? I’m not sure if I can help you.
Well, uh, actually you can help me…a TON.

Let me explain myself.

I want to continue to bring you fresh and valuable content that you want to see. I’ll keep the details at a minimum (for now), but In Search of Sheila is heading in little bit of a new direction.

I’ve been doing some soul (and blog) searching and I’m not feeling fulfilled in my life outside and inside this blog and I’m going to change that. Life is taking me on a new path and I can’t wait to share that with you. (!!!) Don’t worry, nothing too drastic. I’m not abandoning the blogging tips for beauty tutorials (gosh, that would be horrible for both of us), but I am refining my focus and overall mission.

I want it to be a place for you to get inspired, learn, grow, and share your journey too. Because it’s so fascinating to me that we are all on our own, unique journeys, but we can still somehow connect with one another, all through the power of a thing called a blog.

Whether you’re struggling to grow your blog and social media following, or are looking for more direction and fulfillment in your life, I want to help you find intention in everything that you do. Because that’s kind of where I am right now. So why don’t we discover and grow together, here on ISOS?

If you would be willing to spend a little bit of your time (no more than 5 minutes I swear!) and answer a brief reader survey I’d love ya forever (and ever and ever and ever.) Your answers will help me identify what you want to see from me and how ISOS can better serve you.


Again, thank you for taking time out of your day to answer my questions and help me out, I truly appreciate it and will do my best to bring forth the content that you wanna see 🙂

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