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How To Love Yourself and Be Confident Every Day

In a perfect world, we would all look our best, always know when to say the right thing, be completely fearless, and just slay at life 24/7, right?
In real life, we all have days where we don’t want to look in the mirror, would rather keep our mouths shut, and are faced with scenarios that make us just want to crawl into a ball and hide. How do we minimize these feelings from our life?
Confidence. But what if you’re lacking it? Don’t worry, you can train yourself to get it, I promise. Whether you want to ask for a raise at your job, preparing for a big presentation, or just want to wear that cute new dress on your girl’s night out this weekend, confidence is the golden ticket. Some people are born with it and others have to search a little deeper to find it. And that’s okay! We’re all different and on our unique journeys. What matters most is focusing on what YOU need to do to get it. Keep reading to find out 11 ways to boost your self-confidence.

The Secret Ingredient

The older you get, the more experiences you have and the wiser you become. With these experiences come life lessons. Enter today’s two-part lesson: how to be more confident and love yourself. Because loving yourself is the first step towards building confidence, no matter what you want to believe. These tips and exercises I’m sharing will not only boost your confidence, but they will also help you learn to love yourself more and approach every day like the queen you are. Especially as women, we are constantly under the stress of not doing enough or doing too much. “Always put other people first!” It’s sad that we live in a society where taking time for ourselves and making sure we’re happy is frowned upon. Ladies: let’s work together to change this stigma.

Ways to Be More Confident Every Day and Love Yourself

Don’t Be Held Back

I’m one of those people that had to find my confidence and train myself to keep it. I’ve always had good self-esteem, but was very shy growing up until college where I learned to branch out and be comfortable in my own skin. I used to be SO scared to get up and walk to the pencil sharper, because of what I thought other people might think of me! How ridiculous is that?

A lack of confidence can hold you back from making connections with amazing people, enjoying experiences of a life time, and undermine your self-growth. Changing how you view yourself and practicing certain techniques will help in developing your confidence to the point where you won’t even have to think about it anymore. Ultimately you just have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself in situations that might seem terrifying at first, but will offer an amazing outcome.

11 Ways to Be More Confident

1. Stop Judging Others

This is something you can start doing right now. Judgement is a personal choice and is ultimately a reflection of ourselves, not the other person. This especially applies to fashion and lifestyle choices and I personally am guilty of judging other women (and dudes too) for what they wore or chose to do with their lives. I got past that and it’s honestly the number one thing that’s made me a much more confident and happy person.

2. Stop Comparing

Along side of judgment comes comparison, which is what triggers judgment in the first place. Comparison is linked to jealousy and has become much more of a problem with the rise of social media. We don’t always talk about or show the negative parts of our lives because who wants to see that? The next time you wish you could be as pretty as _____ or have #bodygoals like _____, just remind yourself that they have their own shit going on with their lives too.

3. “Fake It Until You Make It”

Okay, this is probably the most cliché advice out there, but it actually works. Imitating confidence actually sends a positive message to your brain that is then translated into positive behavior aka killing it in your big presentation at work or talking to this cute guy at the bar. Stop thinking about what could go wrong and just do it.
This piece of advice has worked tremendously for me since I grew up always wondering if people were judging me when I walked past them. As the girl who loved expressing herself through fashion, I would have a lot of days where I doubted even walking out of the house in a certain outfit. Then I learned to fake it until I made it and well, I made it. If you love what you have on and feel comfortable, wear it. Don’t let others dictate what makes YOU feel good.

4. Fix Your Body Language

Body language is nonverbal communication through body movements and gestures. It’s powerful in the way that it translates many different messages to people and is actually a great way to practice confidence without having to actually speak to anyone.
Stand up straight and work on your posture. Look forward, not down, when you walk. Make eye contact with people. Practice a power pose. Smile. I always tell my friends to “walk with confidence and purpose” and people you walk past will get the message that you aren’t one to mess with.

5. Workout!

Release those endorphins! There’s nothing better than getting the blood pumping and that feeling after finishing a killer workout. If you have gym fear, I always like to listen to a good playlist and get in the zone. Like really, get in the zone to the point where you’re focusing so hard on your workout that you tune other people out. It works.

6. Eat Well

I always have to mention how much of a positive impact healthy eating habits will have on your life. If you’re eating well, you’re feeling good. And if you’re feeling good, you’re confident. Also make sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated, energized, and focused.


7. Say Thank You When Someone Compliments You

Always embrace when someone says something nice to you about you. Never reply back with things like, “oh, I hate this top, I was late this morning and just threw it on.” or “Really? I thought my makeup looked really bad today.” Acknowledging nice comments with a simple thank you will make you appear confident and also make the person who said it feels good. Win-win!

How to Develop Your Confidence and Love Yourself


8. Follow Your Intuition and Be Assertive

When something feels off, it probably is. Gut instinct is a superpower we all possess, some of us just don’t know how to use it yet. I always follow my intuition, especially in situations where I’m alone like walking at night or if a stranger starts talking to me. I can usually pick up a vibe and figure out if I should bolt or not. It’s okay to say no to someone or remove yourself from a situation if it doesn’t feel right.

9. Get More Organized

Being productive and clutter-free will give you a sense of accomplishment, which is a huge confidence booster. If you can tackle a huge to-do list, you can do anything, right? Confident people use planning tools such as agendas or programs to keep their day-to-day tasks in check and keep their work areas and home tidy. Mess=stress. Get rid of it.

10. Write a List of Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Wait Sheila, I get writing down my strengths, but my weaknesses? Girl, I’m trying to feel good about myself! Girl, I know! This is actually a great exercise to identify what you’re awesome at and what you need to improve on. It’s a soul-searching exercise that helps, trust me! Grab your Confidence Booster Worksheet down below to get started.

11. Know Your Worth

We are unique creatures with something special to offer the world. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. There is only one YOU. Am I sounding hella cheesy yet?

What makes you confident? I want you to share some of your best qualities in the comments and also be sure to grab your free worksheet with 5 exercises to start improving your confidence and self-love right now!

Here’s what makes me confident: wearing a killer outfit that makes me feel one hundred, finishing a super intense workout, and knowing that I can help just one person through my blog. Your turn.

5 Free Exercises to Start Building Your Confidence Today

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