Facebook Group Connect

Facebook groups are a great way to share your blog posts and social media accounts to get more traffic to your blog and grow your readership.

How to Use Facebook Groups Wisely:

  • SHOW RESPECT. Carefully read & follow the group rules and don’t be an asshole
  • SHARE. Promote your blog posts, social media accounts, and any other content you have
  • BE SOCIAL. Don’t just leave your link and call it a day. Check out other posts, like, comment, etc.!
  • STAY CURIOUS. Ask & answer questions in the threads
  • CONNECT. Focus on creating relationships with bloggers in with similar niches/focus

*Blog Boss Babes this is a group only open to members of Blog Boss Babe, an exclusive community that connects you with other bloggers, resources, tools, webinars, and MORE to grow your blog (this contains an affiliate link, which means if you sign up I get a tiny commission!)

The Blog Loft daily blog post promotion + sharing threads

*Blog-Woo Babes connect with other woo-loving bloggers, daily themes

*Blogging 101 daily themes: goals, promotion, collaboration, feedback

Blogging Boost Monday promotion threads

The Blogging Squad daily promotion + share threads

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers daily promotion + share threads

*Boost Your Blog asking questions & promoting blog posts and social accounts

Grow Your Blog daily promotion + share threads

*Lovely Bloggers daily promotion + share threads, support & connect with other bloggers

*Millennial Boss Network connect with other millennial bloggers; daily themes: goals, questions, struggles, inspiration, feature, and share

*Indicates that these are my fav groups! They have more of a sense of community and are a good place to connect with other bloggers 🙂