It's time to turn your hobby blog into a profitable business.

When it comes to growing your blog, are you currently...

Struggling to get traffic to your site, even though you're doing everything the "experts" say?

Wishing that you could grow an engaged audience who LOVE your stuff?

Doubting that you'll ever make a dime from your blog, let alone reach your dreams of turning it into a full-time business?

Drowning in free workbooks, checklists, and email courses that just aren't moving your blog forward?

Girl, I can relate.

Less than a year ago, I used to be where you are.

Crippled by self-doubt, comparison, and stagnant page views, I lost hope in my blog and dreams of ever turning it into a full-time business so I could leave my 9-5 and start creating the life I wanted to live.

For months I worked my butt off, doing everything I thought I was “supposed” to be doing to start making money with my blog as quickly as possible.

But even though I was hustling, I wasn’t getting anywhere.

Then a lightbulb went off in my head. Turns out the quick way actually the wrong way and I was hurting my blog’s growth without even knowing it.

So I took charge of my blogging journey and rerouted its path.

In just 6 months I...

Boosted my monthly page views 
from 3,500 to 45,000

Grew my email list from 
0 to 1,000 engaged subscribers

And earned my first $1,000!


This is me being super happy about earning my first $1,000 with my blog in 6 months after rebranding my blog!

And guess what? I have since earned another $2,000!

I know! What the eff?

Honestly, I never thought that was possible.

But I did it.

And the best part is...I’m here to help you do the same!

Hey girl hey! 

I'm Sheila, a Business Coach for Bloggers and founder of  

In Search of Sheila.

After hitting a wall with my blog and finally finding my purpose in life, it’s now my mission to help driven bloggers like you take their blogs to the next level so they can profit from their passions.

Think of me as your blogging bestie who is on the sidelines cheering you on, ready to give your your booty a kick in the right direction when you feel stuck.

I like to skip the fluff and get straight to the dirty stuff.

With over four years of blogging under my belt, you'll only get actionable strategies from me so you can ditch the overwhelm, do the work, and reach your goals.

And that’s why I created Blogging with Purpose:
Your roadmap to turn your hobby blog into a profitable business without all the overwhelm!

Blogging with Purpose is jam-packed with over 100 pages of the exact growth strategies I used to rapidly grow my blog in just 6 months.

In 11 in-depth chapters, you will:

-build a strong foundation to turn your blog into a business

-clarify your message and target audience

-learn how to create click-worthy content your audience will love

-identify the BEST way to monetize your blog so you can profit from your passion!

I intentionally organized the eBook into three sections or seasons of the blogging-to-business journey to help you focus on growing your blog the right way in the right order so you can reach your destination faster.

Ready to learn how to grow
a purposeful and profitable blog?

Here’s what's included:


Goal: Build a strong foundation for your blog to set it up for success and save you time and frustration in the long run.

Chapter One: My Blogging Story

  • Get the 4-1-1 on how I found MY clarity and went from being boring fashion blogger no one knew to a stand out blog coach with a thriving community
  • The lowdown on what it means to “blog with purpose” and why it’s the #1 strategy you need to succeed

Chapter Two: Defining Your Blog’s Purpose

  • Combine your passions and strengths to discover your purpose as a blogger to gain a sense of clarity and direction
  • Stay on track with your goals by avoiding burnout and self-doubt

Chapter Three: Find Your Blog’s Focus and Target Audience

  • Strike that balance between sharing your passions while still resonating with your audience
  • Learn how to grow a successful blog WITHOUT a niche with my special formula
  • Combine your blog’s topics so you can write about multiple things without feeling all over the place
  • Get inside your target reader’s head with my in-depth exercises so you know exactly what kind of content to create for more views and shares

Chapter Four: Create a Strong Mission Statement

  • Understand why most blogs fail without a mission statement so you can come out on top and grow faster
  • Write the perfect mission statement with my formula to clearly communicate your message and attract the right people

Chapter Five: How to Brand Your Blog

  • Unlock your blogging superpower so you can stand out online by being YOU
  • Create your brand identity and visuals to make you memorable online
  • Learn the 5 keys to successful branding to build your authority and rapidly grow your audience

Chapter Six: Drive Traffic to Your Blog 

  • Write share-worthy blog posts so you can get more clicks to your website
  • Master the basics of SEO to instantly boost your traffic
  • Learn the best social media strategies to spend your energy on to increase your page views and engagement
  • Understand what areas of your analytics to watch for to stay on top of what’s working and what’s not

Chapter Seven: Grow Your Audience

  • Really grow your audience with my secret weapon (that’s not really a secret!)
  • Learn how to create community around your blog and why it’s so damn important
  • The best strategy to instantly grow your audience that probably isn’t what you think

Chapter Eight: Grow Your Email List

  • Understand the hype around email lists and why you need one to be successful
  • Create irresistible opt-in freebies with my easy 5-step process
  • Write a wicked awesome welcome series to build your trust with your subscribers
  • My top tips for creating kickass newsletters to nurture your list plus ideas to get you started


Goal: Drive consistent traffic to your blog, grow a loyal and engaged audience, and create an email list strategy that converts readers into loyal fans.


Goal: Start making money with your blog with a strategic plan set up for success. Then learn the right steps to turn it into an intentional business.

Bonus goal: Stay motivated and inspired to avoid seasons of burn out!

Chapter Nine: How to Monetize Your Blog

  • In-depth breakdown of the top ways that you can ACTUALLY make money even if you just started your blog
  • Earn money faster with my 5-step money-making method
  • Make sales without being salesy so you can feel comfortable + confident pitching yourself

Chapter Ten: How to Register Your Blog as a Business

  • Take the right steps to register your blog as a business so you can call yourself an official #girlboss
  • What you need to know about taxes and tracking your income & expenses to avoid struggling to figure it out later on your own
  • How to properly disclose (and why it’s so damn important!) to keep your blog legal and professional

Chapter Eleven: 10 Habits of Highly Successful Girl Bosses 10

  • Stay on top of it all without hitting seasons of burn out with my top tips to stay inspired and motivated
  • Uncover my secret to how I “do it all” while juggling my blog, business, and 9-5

Resource List

  • Expand your knowledge of blogging, business, and entrepreneurship with 4 pages of my top resources, tools, eBooks, and podcasts!

OH WAIT. There’s more so you can fast-track your blog growth even more!

Bonus: The Blogging with Purpose Workbook

  • The 30-page companion to Blogging with Purpose designed to help you take action and implement what you learn, as you learn it.
  • Includes exercises that accompany each chapter plus a checklist so you can measure your progress and stay on track.

Your investment in Blogging with Purpose is only $19.

You're motivated. You're determined. You're ready to really grow your blog this year.

Blogging with Purpose is going to help you achieve that.


This was the first eBook that I purchased. I'd done research and read articles about how to GROW my blog, but without a clear purpose, the GROWING didn't really drive me. After going through the bonus workbook, I realized I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I could help others, and that it was time to believe in myself and go for it! Blogging with Purpose is particularly helpful for people who are all over the place when it comes to their blog; who can't figure out the purpose; who write about fashion one day, finance the next day, and their pet dog the next day. It gives a nice framework for finding your purpose and building a mission statement that gives you clarity about what you're doing and why.

I'm 100% convinced you'll love my eBook, that's why I have the Blogging with Purpose Promise!

Due to the digital nature of this product, I do not offer refunds.

However, if you are not completely satisfied after 30 days, I am happy to provide you with a one-on-one 15-minute strategy session to help you effectively use the strategies in the eBook.

I know investing in your blog can be scary.

Plus, you’re probably thinking that this is just another one of those  blogging eBooks full of fluff that won’t get you results.

Blogging with Purpose is different

It was created for the blogger who’s fed up with salesy eBooks that overpromise and underdeliver.

With tips, inspiration, and action steps on every page, it was designed to be the an all-in-one resource to simplify your growth strategy and implement what you learn, as you learn it.

Or maybe you're a "do-it-yourselfer."

You rather save your money and figure out how to grow your blog all on your own. There’s enough free resources out there, after all. 

I used to have the same mentality. Then I got tired of wasting my time on different strategies that weren't working and invested in the right tools and products to kickstart my success.

Think of how much time and frustration you could be saving by having a complete blueprint for your blog created by someone who's a few steps ahead of you.

Instead of wasting time trying to figure it out all by yourself,  you can steal all of my exact strategies and focus on what matters most to grow your blog.


​As a general rule, I almost never buy ebooks. While I've always been very much of the "figure it out yourself" mindset, I had got to a point where I felt so confused over where my blog was going, it wasn't even fun anymore. It felt like I was on the path to figuring it out, but with this book, I got the guiding hand I so desperately needed to put everything into perspective. Since then I've never felt more confident with my blog's direction. While I don't claim to have it all figured out, I do know that when you have your blog's direction clearly defined, the whole blogging process becomes SO much less overwhelming. There's no doubt in my mind that I have Sheila's ebook to thank for helping me get to this point. Totally worth the $ when blogging becomes enjoyable again!! :)


Andrea Spanik

Ready to take action?!

You’ll drive loads of traffic to your blog.

You’ll boost your engagement and grow your audience.

You’ll create an action plan to start making money online.

Imagine where your blog could be 6 months from now...

  • Attracting consistent traffic to your blog every single day of the RIGHT people who want to come back for more

  • Having an audience (and email list!) of loyal fans totally obsessed with you

  • Making money doing what you love while making an impact on other people’s lives
    Having a strategic and actionable plan that gets you measurable results.

  • A lot can happen in 6 months. I would know. 

  • Are you going to stay on the sidelines and watch everyone else take their blog to the next level, or are you ready to get your head in the game and make shit happen?!


My page views have increased since I’ve focused my blog content and really worked out the SEO. I also have a clear vision and scheduled new monthly goals for my blog. I was afraid it would be all the same advice I was getting from the other millions of articles I read... but it totally wasn’t. It was super practical and applicable advice and information that helped me clarify my blog, goals, and how to get there.


Blogging with Purpose is a great book to guide you through the process of figuring out your blog’s purpose and direction. As someone who doesn't blog within a particular niche, it has helped me find the common thread to weave through my content and tie everything together. The book is practical, gives helpful advice and is structured in a way that makes it easy to work through and implement the suggested strategies.

Lauren Alberghini

Blogging with Purpose is for bloggers who...

  • Have been putting a lot of time and effort into their blog, but are struggling to see any tangible results.

  • Want to monetize their blog but feel like it’s totally out of reach.

  • Write about multiple topics, but are feeling all over the place.

  • Tired of reading about WHAT to do and are ready to learn HOW to do the work.

  • Want to show up to their blog every day with a purpose and action plan to make an impact online.

Blogging with Purpose is NOT for bloggers who...

  • Want a quick “hack” or fast solution to getting more traffic and followers.

  • Are only focused on making money with their blogs and nothing else.

  • Consider themselves a hobby blogger and have no intentions of monetizing or turning it into a business.

  • Just want another eBook to read and not take any action.

  • Don’t really care where their blog ends up a year from now.


If you feel lost, discouraged, or overwhelmed by the direction or lack of direction of your blog then this is the ebook for you! Sheila has been through it all before so she knows what she is talking about! It’s a roadmap for helping you access your blog and find your purpose. It's inspirational and extremely practical.

Yvonne Cruz

Please read my 30-Day Refund Policy before purchasing

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final and non-refundable. 

While I wholeheartedly believe that Blogging with Purpose is an amazing product, if you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

That’s why if you contact me within 30 days and explain how the strategies didn’t work for you, I’d be happy to hop on a 15-minute call with you to give you one-on-one tips to use the book effectively to reach your goals.


I was definitely struggling with page views and figuring out how to tell my story with vulnerability and consistency before purchasing Blogging with Purpose. I definitely feel more confident in my ability to connect with my audience. I also have gotten WAY more clarity with my brand, and feel like I'm in a much better place to launch my first product because of it!

Still feeling iffy about it?


Will this show me how to start a blog from scratch?

What if I don’t like it? Can I get a refund?

How is this different from every other blogging eBook out there?

Can’t I find all this information for free online?

Will this help me quickly grow my following and make fast money?

Got more questions?

Shoot me an email at and let's chat.

Convinced that Blogging with Purpose is for you?

It's time to start your journey!

© 2017 In Search of Sheila. All Rights Reserved.

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