How To Create an Authentic Brand For Your Blog

One question that pops up a lot in the blogging world is “how do I stand out from other bloggers?” My answer to that is to brand your blog. Before I rebranded I was averaging about 3,000 page views a month and felt like I barely had any readers. After I rebranded my blog, my traffic exploded in two months (I grew to 22,000 page views for the month of July!!) Besides putting a heck of a lot of work into my blog, I owe a lot of my growth to perfecting my branding.

Today I want to share a step-by-step guide to creating a strong brand for your blog to stand out online. If the concept of branding is unfamiliar or you think it just involves your logo (hint: it is so much more than that), this blog post will break it all down for you. I will cover what branding is and why you need it to grow your audience, as well as how it will boost your traffic, dramatically improve your productivity and bring you SO much clarity.

how to create authentic brand for your blog

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The Basics: Branding 101

What is Branding?

Branding is your overall blogging identity and how people see you and feel when they interact with your blog. But it’s also how you see yourself, which is why branding is one of my absolute favorite things about blogging.

Branding IS your logo, but it is also your color palette, your images, your writing style, your audience, and so much more.

It’s how you set yourself a part from every other blogger who is writing about the same topics as you. It’s how you connect with your readers and grow a devoted audience. It’s how you become known for something or an “expert” in a specific area. Branding is how you share your unique perspective with the world.

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Why Do I Need One For My Blog?

You might be thinking, do I really need to brand my blog? Can’t I just write some good blog posts and that’s it? Well…you could. But unless you have super-specific topics, I highly doubt that you will be able to grow without one. Having a brand for your blog will:

  • Allow you to write about as many topics as you like
  • Make you memorable and stand out online
  • Help you grow a devoted audience
  • Help you to monetize your blog
  • Streamline EVERYTHING meaning you will stop stressing out over what topics to write about, images to use, etc.

Like I said earlier, creating a brand for my blog helped me grow in so many ways:

  • skyrocketed my traffic in just two months
  • grew my email list to close to 600 subscribers
  • connected me with some awesome bloggers on Instagram and Twitter
  • allowed me to create a Facebook group with over 70 members
  • stops me from feeling uninspired or unsure of what to write for my next blog post.

Branding has helped me come to love blogging more than I ever thought I could. Have I convinced you to create a brand for your blog? Good. Let’s get started on your journey towards building an authentic brand!

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Grab the Workbook

I created a FREE workbook that is designed to go along with this blog post to help you create your brand. It is jam-packed with 17 pages of exercises to help you nail your branding. Download it below.

I recommend reading through this post and then come back later after you’ve grabbed the workbook and are ready to dive into branding your blog!

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The workbook has exercises for each section and is broken into two parts:

  • Part I: Your Identity
  • Part II: Your Visuals

I highly encourage you to take the time to carefully fill everything out in order for it to serve you best!

how to brand your blog free workbook

Part I: Your Identity

The foundation of your branding will be comprised of different elements that will highlight how you choose to be viewed by your readers. I like to call this your vibe. This is when you can let your personality really shine!

Have a Clear Focus

If you read this post then you know that I don’t believe you need a targeted niche for your blog. You do need focus in order to create a sense of cohesiveness with your content to connect with your audience. Without focus, new readers who show up might not stick around because they are finding so many different topics, but get overwhelmed when they aren’t sure how those different posts will help them.

Identify Your Ideal Reader

Having a clear image in your head of who you are writing to in your blog posts will not only better serve your readers,  but it will help you write with confidence and clarity.

I want you to create a profile for your ideal reader using the workbook and give them a name. What are their interests? What are their struggles? Why do they visit your blog? When you go to work on your next blog post, write specifically to your ideal reader. This will help you keep your content on track and make the writing process SO much easier.

Master Your Message

Your message/mission statement will not only tell readers why your blog exists and how it will help them, but it will give you direction every time you sit down to write.

Before I created my mission statement I would get so stressed out trying to think of topics to write. Now I always have ideas for topics because I brainstorm with my mission in mind: to help beginner bloggers build a blog with intention and purpose with actionable and authentic growth strategies.

The questions in the workbook will help you come up with your own mission statement. You can always refer back to mine if you feel stuck. The key components to include:

  • What type of content will you give your audience?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How will you provide your “what”?


Embrace Your Quirks

What makes you different? How can you infuse that into your brand? Instead of trying to blend in with everyone else with the perfectly curated Instagram themes, strive to stand out by being yourself. I know, I know SUCH a cliche, but this holds a lot of weight to it.

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Don’t be someone you’re not and let your personality shine!! Your readers will see your authenticity and grow to love you for it. And if you have a great blog design and valuable content to match, you are golden!

I think this is my favorite part when it comes to branding because I’m a huge advocate for self-love and confidence. I know a lot of bloggers struggle with their identities, fear of self-promotion, or just being rejected.

I get it because I was toootally there. There’s nothing more draining than pretending to like things or dress a certain way because you think that is what will get you more likes and followers on Instagram. But by staying true to yourself you’ll find more joy in blogging and organically grow your readership.

Find Your Voice

Your voice can literally be how to speak (if you do live videos!) but it is also your writing style and tone. Ever notice that some bloggers have a more serious/professional writing style with perfect grammar and free of typos? They have a more authoritative voice.

Then there are other bloggers that type like they talk–it’s very conversational, casual and would probably be marked up by your college writing professor.

The best way to find a writing style is to ask yourself: how you do want to connect with your audience? What kind of authority do you want to play? Here are some “roles” you can take with your blog voice:

  • educator
  • entertainer
  • best friend
  • coach

What’s Your Vibe?

Your overall “vibe” ties all of these traits together and is how your readers will see you as a whole. It is will also determine how your readers feel when they come to your blog. Do you want your readers to feel inspired and motivated? Informed? Confident? The workbook exercises will help you come up with your vibe.

The vibe that I go for is your sassy girl friend who knows a thing or two about blogging. I’m here to teach you authentic strategies to grow your blog, but I’m also here to listen to your struggles and give you advice as if I was your best friend (well, you guys ARE my virtual besties!)


Part II: Your Visuals

This next part is where you can get creative and really express yourself! Coming up with the images, colors, and fonts of your brand is when it will really come to life 🙂

My biggest tip is to always keep your target reader in mind while also staying true to yourself. The key is to find a nice blend between the two.

Remember, you want to attract your target audience to your blog and stick around, so grabbing their attention with your visuals is important!


Create a Mood Board

This is a fun part of coming up with your branding. A mood board will help come up with your visuals by pairing different images together that inspire you. One tip is too also pin images that reflect your target reader so they really come to life. I created a secret Pinterest board and pinned around 20 different images that represent me and the overall vibes I want for my brand.

With those Pinterest images, I created a digital mood board in Canva. You can also make one by cutting and pasting images. I included room in the workbook to put it together!


You want to have 3-6 colors for your branding, one of them including white since your blog will have a lot of white space. The best place I recommend for choosing your color palette is

Coolors starts you off with 5 preset colors and you just hit the space bar on your keyboard to change the selection. When you find colors you like you can “lock” them in place while Coolors selects other ones that “pair nicely” with them. I spent hours playing around with this program, it’s so fun!

Here is my current color palette. Clearly I like pink lol.



I recommend choosing 2-4 different fonts for your branding, but there aren’t any rules you necessarily need to follow. I use two different fonts for my blog’s body text and headlines that either came with my template or I downloaded for free from Google Fonts.

My header has its own unique font that I also use for branded graphics such as when I share quotes on my Instagram.

Lastly, I use Raleway and Playlist for my Pinterest images. In total, this is 5 fonts, so remember that you don’t need to feel restricted when it comes to how many you “should” use. Just don’t go overboard!

A good place to purchase unique fonts is Creative Market.

Blog Design

Your blog design is ultimately what determines whether or not a reader will stick around on your blog or not. This is why it is very important to make sure it matches your branding and target audience.

My overall vibe and target audience can be characterized as being minimal, feminine, and a little edgy, so I have a very white branding palette with pops of pink and black. On top of matching my audience, I am actually obsessed with this color scheme myself so it works out!

I got my blog template on Creative Market. Other good places for templates are Etsy and ThemeForest.

Images and Graphics

The last element of your visuals is your images, of course! You want your photos to fit with your branding and target audience in order to translate your message in visual form. Photography is one of the biggest factors that draw me into a blog or Instagram account, so it is something worth investing in!

I went into great detail in this post whether shooting your own photos, investing in stock images or hiring a photographer will work best for you. I personally shoot my own photos because I enjoy the creative process. I also like standing out through my photography. Stock photos are great option if photography isn’t your thing!

And we made it to the end, woohoo!! I hope this guide helped you. Have you branded your blog yet? What is your most favorite aspect of the branding process?

how to successfully brand your blog Instagram workshop

I’d like to invite you to join me on Instagram Live tonight to hear my tips on successful branding and how to use it to grow your blog! You guys can also ask me any questions that you have. Click here to make sure you’re following me. I will be going live at 6:30 p.m. EST. Come hang out and ask me all your branding questions. If you can’t make it for the live, there will be a replay which will be available for 24 hours. Can’t wait to see ya there!

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If this guide helped you please share the image below to help others! Make sure you grabbed the workbook and come back later to work through the exercises 🙂

How To Create Strong Brand For Blog


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  • So crazy that you were able to grow so quickly when you rebranded! I’ve always thought of creating a mood board but never got around to it – I might give it a try today. Great tips Sheila!

    • Thanks girl! I still can’t believe it either! And it’s all thanks to Instagram pissing me off and making me rethink everything lol!

      Mood boards are so fun! I’ve been wanting to make a real one but never get around to it.

      • Watched your Insta live earlier, great tips girl! Going to work on crafting my ideal Olivia for my own blog haha!

        • haha YES. It’s such a fun process lol.

  • Omg this post is so in-depth and helpful! You seriously give the best blog advice. It’s been amazing to see your blog lift off!

    Enclothed Cognition

    • Thank you Keri!! I try to share as much as I can without being too overwhelming lol.

  • Garima Bhaskar

    When ever I am confused and disheartened from the response on my blog, I come read your blog and it boosts my confidence!

    • I love this Garima, thank you! And I’m glad to give you an extra boost 🙂 Remember that you are awesome!

  • Great tips, Sheila! Will definitely apply these tips to my blog. Thank you so much for sharing girly!

    xo Tina
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    • And thank you for reading Tina! You’re killing it on the Insta!

  • These tips were so helpful! I’ll definitely keep these tips and tricks in mind. Great post as always! 🙂

  • Dee ☕️

    Thank you Sheila! I can’t wait to fill out the workbook 🙂 I actually have been feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of topics I started out trying to cover. I really want to narrow it down and have a clear focus of what I blog about. I’m definitely going to make a mission statement like you suggest. This was really helpful, like always!

    – Dee //

    • Thanks for reading, Dee! I know that narrowing your focus will help you tie all your topics together in a way that serves you and your readers best! Plus with get rid of all that overwhelm. Please let me know how the workbook works out for you!

  • Thanks so much for this post! Super helpful and I will definitely be using your tips to rebrand 🙂

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    • Yay, thanks for reading! Let me know how the rebranding is going Narhee 🙂

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