Free Workshop For Bloggers

Get Your Readers Obsessed: How To Boost Your Traffic & Grow an Engaged Audience

Learn authentic + actionable strategies to get more pageviews and keep your readers coming back for more!

Here's what you'll learn during this workshop:

  • Authentic strategies to grow an engaged audience who keep coming back for more
  • 3 traffic myths you're probably believing that's sabotaging your growth
  • My top strategies to get more clicks to your website (and turn visitors into followers!)
  • 6 elements of viral content and how to get more shares on your posts
  • Simple SEO strategies to implement now to instantly boost your traffic  

Who's teaching this anything?

Lovely to meet you! I'm Sheila.  

As a Personal Branding Strategist & Coach and founder of In Search of Sheila, it's my mission to guide and empower multi-passionate bloggers like you who want to learn how to stand out online by being unapologetically themselves.

I don't like to follow the rules. My style is a little woo mixed with a lot of strategy. With my intuitive approach, I like to do business in a way that is fun, free, and aligned with your strengths.  

I'm also a down-to-earth Taurus who isn't afraid to tell you like it is. Dishing tough-love strategies is my jam.  

Ready to get noticed online already?!