How To Overcome Beginner Blogger Overwhelm and Simplify Your Strategy

You just started your blog and now it’s time to step up your game. But there is SO much you need to do.

Grow your audience…start an email list…work on your Pinterest strategy… oh and traffic. You CAN’T forget about driving that traffic! Momma NEEDS more traffic! Vroom vroom.

With a number of blogs out there spewing out content like crazy (guilty as charged) there seems to be a strategy guide or how-to post for EVERYTHING. Which is great and all, except when you find yourself with a hard case of information overload.

If you’re overwhelmed by #allthethings and want to simplify your blogging strategy this post is for you! Keep on reading to learn my top 7 tips for focusing on what matters most to get your blog where you want it to be faster and with less overwhelm. And at the end I have something extra special to help you take action!


7 Tips to Overcome Beginner Blogger Overwhelm and Simplify Your Strategy

Simplifying Your Strategy

I want to give a huge shoutout to Andrea of Hustle and Hearts and her post Why Simplifying Your Blogging Strategy Is the Key To Your Success. She shares her personal story of self-doubt, fear, and comparison and then provides some great tips for beating blogging overwhelm. After reading this I was inspired to incorporate “simplifying your strategy” into this post. Thanks girl!

As a beginner fresh on the scene, it can be hard to NOT read every single blog post and want to implement every single strategy you read about. You want your blog to be successful right? So why WOULDN’T you be doing everything to get your blog from point A to point B?

Girl. I’ve been there. When I was in the early stages of my rebrand, I was consuming content like wildfire. It became quite an obsession, actually. I’d read one thing and then instantly get an idea to completely switch gears on what I was currently working on.

I know that at the time it seems like doing everything at once will help you get to where you want to be faster, but in the long run you only end up prolonging your journey. And getting overwhelmed af.

Let’s change that.

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1. Determine the Season of Your Blogging Journey

The beauty of blogging is that we’re all in different stages or seasons, learning and growing together.

Getting real about where you are right now will allow you to focus on strategies and projects you need to put your energy into vs. what can be pushed to the side until you’re ready for it.

The beauty of blogging is that we're all in different seasons, learning and growing together. Click To Tweet

2. Start Small

When you’re just starting out, it can be VERY easy to want to do all the things.

Start an email list. Be everywhere on social media. Start a YouTube channel. Start a podcast. Create a course. Write a book.

#sorrynotsorry but you can’t do it all.

Especially when you’re just starting out. The bloggers you see out there killing it on every platform have been in the game for a WHILE. And some of them even have a team helping them.

They’re in a different season than you and are able to expand their online presence because they started small and branched out over time.

For new bloggers, the reality is that trying to do all the things means you’re going to half-ass all the things and accomplish nothing.

For me, I really want to incorporate more video and audio into my blog, but I know that I’m not at that point yet. I’m working on getting into a good flow with my blog posts and then next year I can move on to other platforms (hint hint.)

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How To Find Your Focus as a New Blogger

3. Set Intentional Goals

I 100% believe it’s important to set goals for your blog, especially if you’re blogging with the intention of growing it into a business.

Goals give you a measurable outcome to focus on and track your progress. There’s a finish line.

Without them, you risk getting pulled in different directions and end up slowing your growth, kinda (cough exactly cough) like multitasking! Trust me, I know that life.

I like to break goals down into two categories:

Big Goals: 1-5 years

Also known as long-term goals, these are what you want to achieve 1-5 years from now.

It’s important to set “big goals” because they give you a path to follow. When you get faced with tough decisions (or if you’re just hella indecisive like me) having your big goals will help you make choices with confidence and clarity.

Small Goals: 1-3 months

These are your monthly and quarterly goals. I recently started setting quarterly goals and it has helped me focus on bigger projects by tenfold.

I feel like I’ve made SO much progress with my blog and budding business, while still having time to balance my 9-5 and personal life (most of the time!)

I suggest creating themes around your months and make 1-2 small goals around them. For example, one month could be focused on traffic, so you could set goals such as “get 3,000 monthly page views.”

To paint of picture of how all of this works, one of my big goals is to leave my 9-5 and take my blog to a full-time business. Every small goal I create each quarter is helping me move closer toward reaching my big goal.

Goals give you a measurable outcome to focus on and track your progress. There’s a finish line. Click To Tweet

4. Stop signing up for every email course.

And checklist. And workbook.
I used to be that person. I’d be reading through different blogs and by the end I signed up for 10 different opt-ins because they all spoke to me.

When you come across a freebie that strikes your fancy, ask yourself: does this align with my goals right now? Will signing up for this push me closer in the direction I want to go?

When you have intentional goals set for yourself, you’ll be able to quickly answer these questions and only sign up for resources that align with your current goals.

If you’re a few months into your blog, it wouldn’t make much sense to be signing up for business systems freebies, would it?

Believe me, I LOVE learning about new blogging and business strategies, so you can imagine how my virtual library of resources looks.

But if the guide or course isn’t going to directly help me achieve my current goals, what’s the point? It’s not serving me at all. It’s just adding more clutter to my life.

Pro tip: If you fear that you’ll find it useful in the future, keep a bookmarks tab for opt-in pages or blog posts and categorize them by topic such as “Business” or “Courses.” Then when you reach that stage in your journey you can go back to reference them!

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with projects, ask yourself: is this going to help me get closer to where I want to be with my blog? Click To Tweet

How To Fight Overwhelm as a Beginner Blogger

5. Keep a running list of ideas in one place

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of writing a post or newsletter and then out of nowhere, you get an a-ha blogging moment?

Suddenly, you want to drop what you’re doing and get to work on your new idea so you don’t lose it. Yet you COMPLETELY abandon what you were just working on.

Yeah, me too. Alllll the time.

The biggest thing to do here is to transfer that idea from your head into a designated place for safe-keeping.

The key is to KEEP IT IN ONE PLACE. Whether it’s a digital place or in a notebook. ONE notebook. Take it from the notebook queen, ONE NOTEBOOK!

Whenever an idea comes to your head, take a moment to add it to your list and then go back to what you were doing. You can reference it later!
Believe me, I don’t want you to lose the breakthrough idea you just got. But I also want you to stay on task.

I keep all of my blog post and project ideas in Evernote (it’s life-changing!) Whenever I sit down with the intention of planning a new post or project, I can go to my brain dump for ideas!

6. Get a support system

Having your own squad to keep you motivated and inspired will really come to rescue in times of overwhelm and stress.

Having a boyfriend or friend to vent your frustration at with email automation or the Instagram algorithm is one thing, but they just don’t seem to get you. Am I right, or am I right?

Having other people to talk to who actually understand what you’re going through, or who can celebrate your wins will keep you stay motivated and focused on what matters most.

Facebook groups are a great place to go to when you’re in search of motivation, inspiration, or just need to let off some steam. Be mindful of the groups you’re in and put your energy into smaller ones that focus on building community, rather than promotion.

  • Related: I have a Facebook group of some pretty lovely ladies. Click here to join our squad!

Another option is to find an accountability buddy or mastermind group. Get a group chat going on Instagram or Facebook. Not sure how to start one? Reach out in a Facebook group or send an email or DM to a blogger you would love to connect with!

How To Simplify Your Blogging Strategy

7. Find one go-to resource and ditch the others

If there is one thing that I’ve started doing that has brought my overwhelm level down from an 11 to a 1, it’s focusing on one resource at a time.

Instead of getting pulled in different directions by a million different bloggers, choose just ONE strategy, implement it and then move on to the next one.

This approach has allowed me to make huge strides with my blog because I was able to totally slay one thing, rather than flip-flop between multiple projects that had no relevance to each other.

And that brings me to my big announcement…can I get a drum roll, please?


Back before I rebranded my blog I was ALL OVER THE PLACE. I was trying to do everything and was making NO progress. It wasn’t until I was completely burned out that I realized my blogging strategy needed a massive overhaul.

More specifically, I needed to simplify it.

Six months later I created something that I wish I had back then: Blogging With Purpose: The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Focus, Creating Your Community, and Monetizing Your Mission.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned, applied, and even failed at and packed it into an all-in-one resource for all the beginner bloggers out there who really want to reroute their blog in a new direction.

Inside you’ll find everything you need to build your blog into a business with more intention and less overwhelm.

Best Strategies to Grow a Profitable Blog





Let’s review my top 7 tips for overcoming overwhelm and simplifying your strategy!

  1. Determine Your Blogging Season
  2. Start Small
  3. Set Intentional Goals
  4. Stop Signing Up For Every Email Course (and Checklist. And Workbook.)
  5. Keep Your Ideas In One Place
  6. Get a Support System
  7. Find One Go-To Resource

I think the biggest thing to help you move forward is to get really clear on what you want your blog to be known for. Finding this clarity will allow you to create a strategy that will get you where you want to be faster than it going at it with zero focus.

If you have no idea what you want your blog to be known for, then Blogging With Purpose was written for you!

What’s Holding Your Blog Back?

Shifting it over to you…what’s the biggest thing about your blog that’s overwhelming you right now? Why is it holding you back? Leave a comment below and let’s chat!

And make sure to share this post on Pinterest to help other overwhelmed beginner bloggers!

How To Simplify Your Blogging Strategy

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