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Hey blogger babe! Have you been feeling like this recently?

  • Overwhelmed by #allthethings you need to be doing to grow your blog
  • You know your blog can be something more than just a hobby, you just have no idea how or where to start
  • You have a zillion ideas buzzing in your head and don't know what to work on first
  • You think you need a ton of traffic + large audience first before you can even think about monetizing

Girl...I've been there!

Let me tell you about my blog to biz journey...  

I started my fashion blog back in 2013. For over 4 years I struggled to grow my audience, get noticed by brands, and didn't make a single dime.

After hitting my "breaking point" I realized that I was doing it all wrong. 

I didn't have to work with brands.

I didn't need loads of traffic.

I just needed a gift to share with the world.

When I stopped believing all the myths around making money as a blogger I was able to:

  • Gain total focus + clarity in all the steps I needed to take to start earning money
  • Triple my traffic in just a month after rebranding
  • Grow my email list to 1,000 subscribers
  • Land my first coaching client 
  • Earned my first $1k in just 6 months
  • Bring in consistent income to my business every month

Now I'm ready to help you the ditch the overwhelm so you can turn your hobby blog into a purposeful & profitable business too!

And that's why I created Blog to Biz Babe Academy.

When you have a roadmap for your blog you can ditch the overwhelm and build it into a business from the ground up, the right way.

My goal for Blog to Biz Academy is to teach you how to turn your hobby blog into a business by creating and selling your first digital product in 90 days.

And guide you every step along the way!

Part course, part group coaching, Blog to Biz Academy is more than a program, it's an experience.

I joined Sheila’s program knowing I wanted her guidance as I was headed into a big transition in my business. But I got so much more from the program! I was able to form relationships with other women in the same boat as me. I got to share in successes and challenges.  

And I gained a lot more confidence in myself and my business. In only three months with Sheila, I totally reframed my business, launched a new website, created new service offerings, and landed my first paid clients. I can’t recommend her enough!

Asha Thomas, Event Planner for Entrepreneurs

During first 90 days of the program you will...

  • Pinpoint your profitable blog to biz idea that's uniquely *you*
  • Grow your email list of raving fans who are ready to press buy fast
  • Package up your idea into an irresistible digital product your audience will love
  • Launch + sell your first offer WITHOUT loads of traffic or paying for ads (yes, it's possible!)

Who is the program for?

This is perfect for you if: 

  • You're ready to turn your blog into a side hustle or full-time business
  • You want to sell an eBook or course
  • You want to make an income AND an impact
  • You're want to make a reliable & consistent income online
  • You thrive from accountability & group settings

This isn't for you if:

  • You don't have a blog, website, or social media platforms set up yet
  • You want to monetize your blog by working with brands
  • You'd prefer to work with a coach in a 1:1 setting
  • Your blog is just a hobby

Blog to Biz Academy is for the purpose-driven blogger who' ready to sell her first digital product so she can turn her hobby blog into a profitable business in 90 days.

She's tired of feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed with ideas. She's ready to start making online but has no idea where to start. 

She has her basic building blocks set up (website, social media accounts, email list) but is struggling to make a name for herself and grow her community.

She knows that she wants to help people by selling an eBook or online course. She's ready for reliable, consistent income.

She doesn't want her main income stream to be promoting other people's products by working with brands, placing ads on her website, or affiliate marketing.

She feels totally in her element when she's around other blogger babes and gets to share her thoughts, ideas, and insight.

Her ultimate goal is not only to make an income doing what she loves, but to make an impact on the world by sharing her unique gifts.

Does this sound like you? 

Sheila was pivotal into helping me brand my site and provide me with all the tools I needed to grow my audience and engagement. 

After 4 months of working with Sheila I grew my social media to over 4,000, my email list over 600 have made over $3,000, and am about to launch my first group coaching program.

If you are looking to step up your blogging and business game Sheila is the one for you. She is passionate, dedicated, and she is always seeking to grow and learn more so that she can share it with her clients and audience! 

Stephanie Wilamowsky, Inner Alignment Coach

Here's what's included in the program:


Get the high-touch support you need to fast-track your success with biweekly group coaching sessions via Zoom. Sessions will be 60-90 minutes full of coaching and upleveling. If you can't make a session they will be recorded and available to watch in the course portal.

VALUED AT $2,500


You will get access to the proven 4-phase system that guides you through how to turn your blog into a business step-by-step in 90 days.

VALUED AT $2,000

Plus Bonuses!


Immediately implement what you learn with actionable workbooks and done-for-you templates.



Get access to our private Facebook group exclusive to Blog to Biz Academy Students where you’ll get the accountability + support you crave.

VALUED AT $1,000


Say good-bye to tech stress with my time-saving walk-through tutorials for the only tools you need to grow your blog into a biz.

VALUED AT $1,000+

In-Depth Training Modules

Module 1: Clarify Your Message

  • Identify your money making business idea that's uniquely *you* 
  • Get crystal clear on your target audience
  • Develop your signature method so you can become known as the go-to girl in your niche 
  • Master your message and communicate it with ease

Module 2: Create Your Irresistable Offer

  • Validate your offer idea so you know your audience wants it before you create it
  • How to pick the perfect product name
  • All things pricing, sales pages, and receiving payments (and the tech too)

Module 3: Launch Like a Boss

  • Plan your first launch without the overwhelm  
  • Discover the fastest way to build your email list before you launch so you hae a warm audience ready to hit buy
  • Pitch your offer without feeling salesy

Module 4: Automate & Scale

  • Bring in consistent sales without having to launch every time
  • Steal my systems to make sales on autopilot so you can make money in your sleep!

Doors are currently closed! 

Get on the wait list to be the first to know when we reopen for enrollment.

Before Sheila’s program, I was constantly consuming other people’s content and while I was learning a lot, I wasn’t taking action to create on my own. Sheila’s course quickly pushed me into creation mode by providing tons of actionable advice and lessons that are simple to put into motion.  

Another thing I struggled with was developing ideas to actually make money from my blog. As a lifestyle blogger, I didn’t feel worthy of offering paid courses or products, but the mindset work in Sheila’s program really helped me get over that and create ideas that I am so excited to execute and start making money from!

Kelly Potts, Goal & Wellness Blogger

About Your Guide

Hey girl hey! I'm Sheila.

It’s my mission to help purpose-driven women go from hobby bloggers to money making boss babes.

After running a fashion blog for 4 years I had a "blogging breakthrough" and realized I actually hated my fashion blog. Promoting other people's stuff didn't feel good and I knew that I had more to give.

After doing some soul-searching I realized that I was meant to help other purpose-driven women who wanted more out of their blogs too.

So I rerouted my path in mid-2017 and have since helped over a dozen women transform their blogs into businesses that bring them joy.

As a Blog + Business Coach, it's my mission to help women just like you turn their hobby blogs into purposeful & profitable businesses.

I'm also a down-to-earth Taurus who isn't afraid to tell you like it is. I'm obsessed with yoga, overpriced lattes, shopping at T.J. Maxx, and Game of Thrones.


How long is the program?

It's 6-month program starting the day you enroll.

What will the group calls be like?

The group calls will take place on Zoom every other week on either weeknights or Saturday mornings, Eastern Standard Time. The call day and times vary as I try my best to accomodate everyone's schedules. These calls are your opportunity to ask me questions about the course modules and receive feedback.

Please email me at with questions about the group calls.

Is this in a group setting or one-on-one setting?

This is a group program.

Can I get a refund?

I want what's best for you so I offer a 14-day money back refund policy. If you try the course and attend the group coaching calls and find that it's not the right fit for you, then you may request a refund for up to 14 days after you purchase the program. However, I do require that you show completion of the available course lessons (which can be done in or under 14 days) and have attended at least one group call. 

I will only grant you a refund if you put the work in first. If you find that the material I provided was not valuable, I am happy to issue you a 100% refund.

What will the other students in the program be like?

My goal for B2BA is to help purpose-driven bloggers who are ready to take action and turn their blogs into businesses. I guarantee that the group dynamic will be uplifiting, encouraging, and incredibly inspiring. You will not only learn from me, but from each other as well. Please email me at to learn more about the other students who are enrolled.

Got more questions? Email me at and let's chat!

Still on the fence?

  • B2BA is perfect for you if you thrive from accountability. Knowing you have other ladies (and me!) to report to every week will make sure you stay on track during the next 6 months.
  • If you want to create & launch your first offer soon you need to join this program. I will be holding your hand through the entire process from start to finish, showing you how to do it in the right order, the right way. 
  • You'll establish an unbreakable bond with me and the other students that you can't get anywhere else. We will all become #bizbesties!
  • When we work together, I become 100% invested in you. My students are my #1 priority because I want all the success in the world for you.
  • I've invested in a lot of courses, trainings, and coaching to get to where I am today. You have my word that I know a thing or two about growing an online business!

Ready to turn your blog into a biz?

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