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But you also have no idea how to get started.

And you definitely DON'T have all the time in the world to learn how.

So you're kinda stuck and convinced yourself that you'll have to spend all your time learning everything on your own.


Turning your blog into a business doesn't have to mean...

  • Downloading #allthefreebies hoping that it's the one with all the answers
  • Staying up until midnight 7 days a week trying to teach youself everything on your own
  • Constantly trying to figure out your niche (when you hate being put in box)
  • Worrying about how you don't have anything to offer the world ( do!)
  • Launching freebie after freebie that never converts readers into subscribers
  • Wasting hours trying to figure out email automations, Tailwind, SEO, and sales strategies
  • Sacrificing what's important to you (i.e. family and mental health)

Are you nodding your head right now because you can totally relate? 🤦🏻‍♀️

Hey girl hey! My name is Sheila I'm dying to be your new biz bff.

As a Business Strategist & Mentor, it's my mission to help busy bloggers turn their big ideas into irresistible paid offers so they can make an income and impact online.

And...I get it. I know what it feels like because I used to be exactly where you are. Doing all the things. Downloading all the freebies. Getting no where.

That's why I wanted to create ONE resource that has everything you need to know about going from blogger to BUSINESS OWNER with digital products.

And that resource is Blog to Biz Academy. 

As a student of Blog to Biz Academy you will...

  • Define your profitable niche so you don't have to wonder "what you do" and "who you help" ever again
  • Pinpoint & validate your irresistible digital product idea your audience will love 
  • Explode your blog traffic so you get more eyes on your content & product
  • Grow your email list of raving fans who are ready to press buy
  • Effortlessly presell your digital product to bring in the most sales at once before you even create it
  • Craft a high-converting sales page that turns visitors into buyers
  • Implement sleeze-free sales strategies to launch your product with ease
  • Create a profitable live webinar to launch your product that drives sales fast
  • Bring your digital product idea to life, overwhelm and tech-aches NOT included! 

After 4 months of working with Sheila I grew my social media to over 4,000, my email list over 600 have made over $3,000, and am about to launch my first group coaching program.

If you are looking to step up your blogging and business game Sheila is the one for you. She is passionate, dedicated, and she is always seeking to grow and learn more so that she can share it with her clients and audience! 

Stephanie Wilamowsky, Inner Alignment Coach

I know how bad you want to...

  • Jump out of bed excited to have your morning routine, grab a cup of coffee, and work on your business 
  • Know exactly what to work on in your business (and get stuff done fast!)
  • Become your own boss so you can create your own schedule 
  • Be financially supported so you can travel and see the world
  • Have more time to see and be with your family 
  • Make enough money online to pay off your student loans & credit card debt 
  • Make a positive impact in people's lives by sharing your expertise, experiences, and wisdom
  • Call yourself a GIRL BOSS and actually FEEL LIKE ONE

Guess what babe? This is all possible with Blog to Biz Academy!

Once you hop inside the program you'll get instant access to the 4-Step Blog to Biz Framework which is my *signature framework* that you'll follow to finally start making money online by creating & selling your first digital product.

Blog to Biz Academy is made up of 4 key phases.

Inside each phase you'll find actionable workbooks, in-depth video trainings walking you though my exact processes, done for you templates, and a ton of butt-kicking.

You'll learn everything that goes into turning your blog into a successful online business with step-by-step video lessons, actionable workbooks, time-saving templates. 

And you'll get the accountability & support you crave to succeed inside our high-vibe Mastermind group.

Okay, but what's exactly included?

9 No-Fluff Training Modules

Let's take a deeper look at these game-changing modules!

Module 1: Build Your Blog to Biz Foundation

  • Define your profitable blogging business niche 
  • Get crystal clear about your target audience & craft your mission statement 
  • Uncover your signature "thing" to stand out in a saturated niche
  • Optimize your website to convert visitors into fans
  • Build a bangin’ brand to attract your target audience and build your online community

Module 2: Create Your Irresistible Offer

  • Uncover your target audience’s deepest pain points that you can solve
  • Validate & outline your offer idea before you create it
  • Pick the perfect offer name that sells itself
  • Price your offer with confidence
  • Craft a sleeze-free sales page that converts readers into buyers
  • Set up your eCommerce platform without the tech-ache 

Module 3: Boost Your Traffic & Grow Your Audience

  • Write share-worthy blog & social media content
  • Increase your blog traffic & attract your dream customers (for free!)
  • Create your signature opt-in freebie to grow your email list on autopilot (plus all the email tech tips!)
  • Turn your subscribers into raving fans who buy what you sell
  • Grow your online community with my top social media strategies to stand out and increase engagement  

Module 4: Plan a Profitable & Stress-Free Launch

  • Steal my exact step-by-step launch system system that guarantees sales every time
  • Plan a stress-free launch ahead of time
  • Cultivate the right launch mindset and self-care game plan
  • Learn how to pre-sell your offer before even creating it
  • Set your launch goals you know you’ll achieve

Module 5: Attract & Warm Up Your Dream Customers

  • Plan a kickass content strategy to send targeted organic traffic straight to your blog (no expensive ads required!)
  • Grow your email list and social media following with potential customers
  • Send value-filled warm up emails to your list that shows off your expertise and primes your subscribers to press buy  

Module 6: Run a Successful Challenge

  • Choose the perfect challenge topic that you and your audience can't wait to start
  • Free promotion strategies to get your challenge in front of your dream customers
  • Build your community & explode your email list
  • Deliver your content + pitch your offer effortlessly
  • Plus all the tech stuff you need to know to host your challenge for free!

Module 7: Host a Profitable Webinar That Drives Sales

  • Choose the perfect webinar topic that your dream customers will instantly sign up for
  • Create a high converting landing page to maximize sign ups
  • Promote your webinar for free & get your first 50 signups (and beyond!)
  • Set up & stream your live webinar fo' free (nope, I'm not going to force you to buy anything!)
  • Deliver your live presentation like a confident CEO (even if you've never done live video before!) 

Module 8: Savvy Sales Strategies & Getting Social Proof 

  • Deliver your sales pitch naturally on any platform effortlessly (without the ick-factor!) 
  • Steal my exact sales email strategy to compel your audience to press buy
  • Get raving testimonials and social proof (even if you haven’t sold anything yet!) to boost your pitch
  • Make your first sa and watch the "You Made a Sale!" notifications flood your inbox  

Module 9: After You Launch 

  • The “what do I do after I launch?” module
  • How to handle & provide great customer service
  • Onboarding new students & product delivery
  • How to increase your sales if you didn’t reach your goals
  • I give you the exact steps and strategies to implement after your launch!  

I created Blog to Biz Academy because I know how hard it is to make money online when you have NO IDEA you're doing. Or the time.

I don't come from a family of entrepreneurs.

I never took a marketing or business class in college (or even high school!)

TBH, I never believed I could become an entrepreneur. 

It just wasn't something on my radar.

But thanks to the internet...

And a totally traumatic situation at my 9-5 in early 2017,

I got the kick in the butt to turn my blog into a business.

BUT it didn't happen overnight.

In reality, I spent over 6 months wasting my time doing things that WEREN'T pushing me any closer to my business goals.  

Why? Because I had NO IDEA what I was doing!

I'd come home from my 9-5, hop on my computer, and get to work. Only taking a break for a quick dinner. Then staying up until midnight.

I mean, there was SO much I needed to do to get my blog moving forward so I could start earning an income...

  • Writing weekly blog posts & newsletters
  • Creating freebies I *thought* my audience needed
  • Going from Facebook group to Facebook group to make sure I participated in all the comment threads so I wouldn't get kicked out
  • Spending hours pinning content on Pinterest
  • Going through all the free courses and eBooks I downloaded that I thought were going to give me all the answers. But in reality were only clogging up my inbox. 

After doing all of this for months I still wasn't making a dime...

So what changed?

I realized I was wasting time doing things that I thought I was "supposed" to be doing 

(aka all those things I just mentioned up there ^^^) 


I sat myself down and said, Sheila. This has got to change. 

It's time to get your ish together and step into boss girl mode.  

It was time to start doing the things that were going to push me closer to my money goals.  

And drop the things that kept me playing small.

When I stopped wasting my time on things that weren't pushing me forward I was able to:

  • Define my niche and my profitable business idea
  • Gain complete focus on the exact steps I needed to take (and in what order) to start earning consistent money online
  • Triple my traffic in just a month after rebranding 
  • Grow my email list to over 1,000 subscribers 
  • Land my first coaching client 
  • Launch my first digital product and earn over $800 in a week's time
  • Earn my first $1k in just 6 months 
  • Bring in consistent income to my business every month

And I want to show you how to do the same!

When you have a roadmap, you can ditch the overwhelm, drop the tasks not pushing you further, and build your blog into a business from the ground up, the right way.

My goal for Blog to Biz Academy is to show you how to turn your blog into a business by creating and selling your first digital product. With the exact same steps I took.

And guide you every step along the way!

 I created this course to help creative, ambitious, and multi-passionate women turn their passion into profit without sacrificing their time, money, and most importantly: 

I created Blog to Biz Academy so go-getting bloggers with big ideas could start their own online business without the overwhelm and time wasters!

I joined Blog to Biz Academy knowing I wanted Sheila's guidance as I was headed into a big transition in my business. But I got so much more from the program! I was able to form relationships with other women in the same boat as me. I got to share in successes and challenges.  

And I gained a lot more confidence in myself and my business. In only three months with Sheila, I totally reframed my business, launched a new website, created new service offerings, and landed my first paid clients. I can’t recommend her enough!

Asha Thomas, Event Planner for Entrepreneurs

Before Sheila’s program, I was constantly consuming other people’s content and while I was learning a lot, I wasn’t taking action to create on my own. Sheila’s course quickly pushed me into creation mode by providing tons of actionable advice and lessons that are simple to put into motion.  

Another thing I struggled with was developing ideas to actually make money from my blog. As a lifestyle blogger, I didn’t feel worthy of offering paid courses or products, but the mindset work in Sheila’s program really helped me get over that and create ideas that I am so excited to execute and start making money from!

Kelly Potts, Goal & Wellness Blogger