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3 Lessons I Learned From My Mom That Everyone Should Live By

You know, I’ve been told I’m wise on a numerous occasions and it got me to thinking, where did all this wisdom come from? I wasn’t born with it, it’s something I learned from the experiences I’ve lived through and the environments I grew up in. One factor–or shall I say, person that I’ve watched very closely growing up is my mom. So today I’m sharing 3 lessons I learned from my mother that anyone can apply to their own lives, and have shaped me into the person I am today. They may be simple at their core, but it’s the story behind them that give them merit. As the saying goes, I got it from my momma!
Life Lessons I Learned From My Mother

Moms don’t really get the recognition that they deserve. I mean, we should celebrate them every single day, not just one day out of the year.  And I do. I’m grateful for both of my parents and my family every day. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today sitting here typing on my laptop attempting to share my wisdom with a little corner of the internet.

My mom is strong, brave, determined, and would do anything for her kids (aka me and my younger bro.) She is the most kind and generous person, but is also very blunt and doesn’t hide her thoughts. And now that she’s a grandmother, I can’t help watching her interact with my niece and think to myself, “man that’s how she must have acted when I was a baby.” And it’s just a beautiful thing.
Excuse me while I go cry for a second.
Okay, I’m done. Hold it together Sheila!! 
Sorry, I always get emotional when I talk about my mom.
Now on to the life lessons…

1. Be Fearless & Fight For What You Want

My mom is fearless, let me tell you. Her story has always inspired me: she grew up in a small village in Hong Kong, moved to Europe with her family when she was 15, and worked to build herself the life she wanted. She actually met my dad in Germany while he was stationed there in the army and she was working at a restaurant. (I really love telling this story, just so you know, lol)

Recently I found out more details about how my parents got together. I guess my dad would go in to the restaurant on a few occasions and my mom was into him. Then one day he headed back to the States, and didn’t tell my mom he was leaving! My mom was like oh no you didn’t and somehow tracked down his address and started to write him letters. They became lover-pen-pals (so cute) and then she ended up in the U.S., got married, and had me! (and then my brother four years later.)

The biggest thing my mom has (unintentionally) taught me is to always fight for what you want. I carry this with me every day in everything I do. Never settle for no. Always keep trying. Manifest my dreams into a reality.

And I love her for that.

2. Work Hard. But Play Hard Too.

My mom works really freaking hard. She is the kind of woman that always gives, gives, and gives, but will never take. All her life she has worked her a** off, so my brother and I could have everything we wanted. And I carry that mentality with me.

But my mom also taught me to play hard too. She is always in go-go-go mode and gets stressed out very easily. Now that she’s getting older, I’ve been trying to get her to focus on self-care. She is a mighty mouse, that’s for sure, but I don’t want to see her work herself up so much to the point that her health is endangered. Since I’ve gotten more into self-care, fitness, and yoga, I try to share that part of my life with her as much as I can. It makes me happy that she listens and always asks me questions about yoga poses, workout moves, or eating a more balanced and whole foods diet.

These photos mean a lot to me because I have them hanging on in my fridge!

3. Always Love Unconditionally

My brother and I have put my mom through some serious sh*t. We weren’t angels as children, and it got even worse when we became teenagers. It’s embarrassing for me to admit these things, but I really regret how I treated her when I was younger. Since moving going to college, living on my own, and growing into adulthood, I’ve learned to respect her for everything she has accomplished and done for me and my family.
And through all the pain and suffering she’s been through in her life and with my brother, dad, my grandmother (who lived with us and has since passed), and myself, she never stopped loving us. She was always there when we needed something. She gave a damn when nobody else did. She has supported me in everything I’ve done and want to do, and even helps me take #ootd photos when I ask her to, because she wants what’s best for me.
If there’s one thing I want to teach my children that my mom taught me, it’s to love unconditionally, no matter what. Because at the end of the day, in a world that is as crazy as the one we live in, all you have is love.
I’m heading home for the weekend tonight to spend time with the fam and of course, my momma! I’m hoping to take her to a yoga class tomorrow morning, which I mentioned as one of my happiness goals in this post. Hopefully she’s down to go!
What’s one life lesson you’ve learned (from anyone significant in your life) that has shaped who you are today?


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