Saying Good-Bye to Summer: Letting Go of Expectations

Top: Gift / Shorts: H&M / Sandals: Kohls 
As we slowly start to swap out our shorts for sweaters in preparation for fall, it’s important to reflect on our summer. I feel like many of us idealize our summers in the beginning and create so many expectations to fulfill. We conjure up a mental bucket list of all the things we wanna do and all the places we wanna go. And then September jumps out of nowhere and we realize that we haven’t checked a damn thing off that list. News alert: that’s okay.

For me, all I wanted to do this summer was to get my a** to the beach–and I did! (Psst…I posted a travel diary and bikini post.) Other than that, my summer consisted of workworkwork in order to buy the things I wanted and to save up for my trip. Knowing that I worked hard for my vacation wasn’t an expectation I made for myself–it was a goal I set and worked hard towards to achieve. The difference between the two is that a goal is something realistic you know you can work toward, while an expectation is a strong belief that something will or should happen.
Every year we might wish to have the perfect summer full of lots of traveling, pool-side reading, late night BBQs and campfires, and good times with friends. In reality, these things are not something I expect, therefore when it doesn’t happen I don’t get disappointed. I think it’s healthy to set goals and routines for our summers and all parts of the year–simple goals that we know we will achieve. 

For me, I wanted to stick to my daily routine of yoga, working out, and clean eating. I also wanted to maintain a positive attitude and be grateful for the life I was granted. In between all of this I had some good times with my family and friends, did some shopping, indulged on eating out, ate (maybe) a little more ice cream that I should, and got some traveling in. As I look back on the past three months, I had a pretty great summer. It may not be just like the jet-setting fashionista we follow on Instagram–but it was mine.
My point of this post:  Don’t create expectations based on comparing yourself to others. Create achievable goals and commit to them. Live in the moment and let life happen–no matter what it might bring.

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