Rocksbox Jewelry Review + How To Get a Free Month Subscription

Rocksbox Jewelry Review
I’ve never tried a subscription box before, but was always intrigued by the idea. Rocksbox reached out to me to try their monthly jewelry subscription box and today I’m sharing my first impressions and review. I also have a special code that will get you a free month subscription to try it out for yourself, so keep on reading to find out how!

Rocksbox is a monthly subscription service where you receive up to three pieces of jewelry at a time, curated by a stylist based on your personal taste for $19 a month. I really like the idea of having an unlimited amount of jewelry on loan with the option to try on different pieces and swapping them if you don’t like them. It also minimizes the amount of stuff in my apartment while still being able to accessorize my outfits in different ways. As a member, if you end up loving a piece you also have the option to purchase it at a discount and receive rewards.

Rocksbox Jewelry Unboxing
When you receive your first box you get a personalized note card from your stylist that lists the pieces sent to you. I think the packaging is just too cute! Shipping is free both ways and the jewelry arrives safely in black drawstring pouches enclosed in a plastic bag.

Here are the three pieces I received. The Slate Double Bar ring set was on my wish list, while the two other items were selected by my stylist, Brienna. I really loved the ring set and it actually got me more into gold jewelry (I’m a silver girl). I liked the Sophie Harper Gold Bar layer necklace, but I don’t really like long necklaces on me. I actually wore it with just the shorter layer and hid the long one under my top. And the earrings I did not like at all. Pretty, but not my style! When you create an account you fill out a Style Profile that gives your stylist an idea of what types of jewelry styles you like. After wearing my pieces for a few days I sent them all back so I could try more out. 

Every month you can pick out and return as much as you like, and shipping is free both ways! When you decide to return, you can give your feedback on each piece. I told my stylist that I prefer simple geometric style pieces, which they have a lot of on their site. The more you order and give feedback, the more your stylist will get to know you and what you prefer! There is so much I’m in love with on my wish list, I’m hoping my stylist sends me some bracelets to try out and more rings.

And on to the good stuff. Rocksbox has provided me with a code that gets your first month subscription for free! Just sign up for an account at and at checkout enter the code “insearchofsheilaxoxo.” You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time.
Have you tried Rocksbox? What do you think of this monthly subscription service? Do you prefer silver or good jewelry?

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