My Winter Essentials

While we might already be counting down the days until spring (62!), there are still have a couple more months of cold weather. Although I hate the cold (most of the time), there are still many things I love about winter. Today I’m sharing ten of my essentials/favorite things that help make these months a little better.

1. Boots
Boots are a must for winter. Ankle boots, snow boots, over the knee boots–any boot will do! Ankle booties are my fav in the fall and winter.

2. Beanies
A good beanie is the best winter accessory, as it’s both super cute and keeps my head warm. I’m rather obsessed with pom pom beanies at the moment and own 5, lol!

3. Lotion
Gotta keep my skin hydrated during these rough months, so Cetaphil helps me stay moisturized. My hands also take a beating, so I always have hand lotion with me. This one from Burt’s Bees smells AMAZE!

4. Lip Balm
Another skin essential is chap lip balm to keep my dry lips at bay. I swear by Burt’s Bees!

5. Sweaters
All I wear when it’s cold are sweaters. The chunkier, the better!

6. Finger-less Gloves
Finger-less gloves are an essential for the blogger girl shooting in the cold, trust me! I love this pair from Old Navy because they are also mittens. So friggin’ cute.

7. Pale Nail Colors
I love pastel, frosty colors to match the mood of the weather. Think light blues, whites, and grays.

8. Winter Blend Coffee
I found this winter blend coffee on sale at Target around Christmas time and its hints of caramel are oh-so-pleasing to my nose and taste buds.

9. Thick Socks
A girl’s gotta keep her toes warm so I can never have enough chunky socks. They are also a cute detail to pop out of ankle boots or that #viewfromabove coffee selfie we all want to post on Instagram.

10. Blanket Scarf
I only wear big blanket scarves in the winter, because they double as blankets or a cover up when I get chilly at work. Oh, and they’re super stylish too and make any outfit look ten times more chic.

What are some of your favorites things to help cope with the cold? Let me know down below!

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