13 Blog Posts You’ve Got To Read

I wanted to start sharing some of my favorite blog posts of the week/month with you guys not only to spread the blogger love, but to share products, information, and things that have inspired me or added value to my life that I think you guys would find value in too. So if you’re looking for some new blogs to check out or want to get inspired too, here are 13 of my favorite blogging, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle/personal development blog posts from this past week that really struck a chord with me. Oh, and if you want to find out how to win an eGift card to Starbucks, keep reading until the end!



I thought this little quiz Helene cooked up was so clever! Don’t worry–it’s a FUN quiz and will show you your blogging strengths, areas that could be worked on, and how you can succeed with your blog. BTW, I got lifestyle blogger 🙂

13 Restaurant and Food Photography Tips for Bloggers by Venus Trapped in Mars
Sarah killed it with this post! Out of the box and super helpful, I learned a lot of new techniques to try the next time I go out to eat, like telling my friend to grab for food or using sauces as props…why have I never thought of these? Oh yeah, because I’m always paranoid someone is secretly laughing at me when I whip my camera out. Rule #1: get over yourself!

How to Build an Unbreakable Brand by Not Another Blonde
I LOVE Brittany’s blog for style inspo and blogging/business tips. Her post on creating your own brand was not only super helpful, but made me more confident that I chose to brand my own blog vs. choosing a specific niche. If you’re struggling with the direction of your blog or want to start one, I definitely recommend checking her blog out!
Such a refreshing read from a girl who is always keeping it real! Em tackles a subject that’s always been eating at me, but I guess has been slowly coming out the wood works lately: bloggers buying fake Instagram followers, specifically bot accounts. I am one that’s all about organic growth, so it really irks me when you come across a blogger that you KNOW is buying followers. Em delves deeper into the topic and how to know if someone is using them or not. She also introduced me to the website Social Blade which I never heard of before. Very interesting to check your (and other people’s) social media analytics.

Talk about INSPIRING! I came across this post on Bloglovin and read every bit of Michelle’s advice. She shares how she made her first income and how it grew over time, in addition to how you can do the same. There’s a lot of valuable info in this post if you’re serious about turning your blog into a business, so I definitely recommend reading it carefully and take notes!

How To Turn Your Blog Into a Business by the Chriselle Factor
I watched Chriselle’s Youtube video on how she turned her blog into a business (with a full team!) first and then checked out her blog post after she mentioned she created a checklist outlining all her tips. Her story is so inspiring and her advice to find your “partners in crime” was something that stuck with me since it’s not something a lot of bloggers touch on when dishing out blog advice.


Spring Remix: 10 Pieces, 10 Outfits, 10 Days by Un-Fancy
I always love Caroline’s wardrobe challenges and she’s currently doing a spring 10×10 remix with Lee of Style Bee. I honestly cringe at the thought of doing one myself, but I think it would be really beneficial for me to try one sometime soon. Have you done a wardrobe challenge like 10×10 or Project 333?

Spring Blues by Truelane
Chelsea’s style is so effortless and I always love her casual outfits. This outfit features a powder blue sweater that I’m OBSESSED with and I love how she syled it with a pair of embroidered jeans and black slides.

Cool Girl by Basic Babe Lauren
From powder blue to baby pink…I can’t get over pastels and Lauren’s high neck slogan sweatshirt is the cutest thing ever that *speaks to me.* We all like to think we’re cool girls, don’t we?

How to Create a Skin Care Routine That Works For You by A Girl, Obsessed

I’m honestly a huge noob when it comes to skin care and one of my goals for this year is actually to start investing my time and money into it. Well I can say that I haven’t really tackled that goal yet, but Mandy explained what products to include in a skin care routine in a way that really clicked with me. Sometimes I just need basic information THOROUGHLY explained, ya know? I feel a lot more confident to do more research into what I should use!


The Difference Between Minimalism and Decluttering by the The Private Life of a Girl
Since minimalism has become a bit of a trend, I love how Sophie wrote a post explaining that minimalim and decluttering are two different things. I feel like a lot of people clean out their homes and claim they’re a minimalist, but they’re not. Biggest takeaway: “decluttering is a method and minimalism is a lifestyle.”

5 Daily Habits of the Happiest People by Career Girl Daily
This post really resonated with me, because I’ve incorporated all these habits into my own life! And yes, I would say I’m a happy person. The funny thing is I learned about these habits from blog posts just like this one when I started my journey to living a more intentional life over a year ago.

The 6-Step Social Media Diet That Really Works by Camille Styles
Wait, does that say social media diet? I know right…but hey, we live in a world now where the time we spend on social media is out of control. I have to admit that social media doesn’t consume my life, but I definitely do waste a lot of time I could be spending on more productive things like reading, working on blog content, or just being more present. My favorite bit of advice from this post is to designate social media “check-in times” twice a day, which allows you to not only look forward to your social media, but allows you to schedule your social media time to avoid getting sucked in for hours upon hours.

Now on to the GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

Soo…my birthday is next week (the 27th) and I decided to give back the love to my Instagram followers, because you guys mean so much to me and make up a large part of In Search of Sheila. With that said, THREE lucky winners will receive a $10 eGift card to Starbucks (I’m sure you’ve might have caught on to my coffee obsession). This is my way to say thank you for supporting and continually inspiring me to keep doing what I do here on my blog. Your entry will include playing a little game though 🙂
1. Be following me on Instagram (I will check!)
2. Like and comment on this photo how old you think I will be turning on my birthday
3. Tag 2-3 friends to share the giveaway
4. That’s it! The winners will be announced on 4/27 (my birthday), notified by direct message, and will receive an eGift card by email
5. HINT: I’m a lot younger than you probably think I am!
6. P.S. this giveaway is INTERNATIONAL!

Not a lot of people have entered yet, so you have a pretty good shot at winning! Now, what are some of your favorite blog posts of the week? Please comment them down below so I can check them out!


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