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May Happiness Goals (Plus Free Planning Printables)

Wow, where did April go? I knew this past month would fly by, but man, it REALLY flew by. So, hello May! I welcome you with open arms. I always feel refreshed and inspired at the beginning of a new month, so I like to take advantage of this “clean slate” and set some intentions and goals I would like to work towards achieving in the next 30 days. In order to stay on track and motivated, I started creating happiness goals for myself at the start of each month to go along with my main goals and objectives. You can read all about what a happiness goal is and why you should have them here.

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So before we dive into my goals for May, lets review how my April went.

April Happiness Goals


1. Buy myself flowers 

Does a plant count? I got myself a little tropical plant and named him Winston (lol). I’m not very good with plants, so the first few days were a little rough for him, but he’s doing well now. I even took him to my parent’s with me last week so he wouldn’t be neglected 🙂

2. Put together a binder of recipes

Check! I managed to get some 3-ring binders for free at work and started adding recipes that I either printed out or jotted down on paper. When it comes to cooking, I prefer to have recipes printed out versus on my phone because a) I will probably spill something on my phone and b) it’s easier to flip through and find what I’m looking for.

3. Create a mood/visualization board

Didn’t achieve this one unfortunately! But I’m going to carry it onto my May goals and carve some time out to work on it.

4. Walk to work more

I’m about a 15 minute walk from work, but I always drive there because a) I’m running late, b) I carry a bunch of stuff with me, and c) I feel like I “waste” my time walking.

This was a pretty vague goal, but I committed myself to walking to work for 3 days in a row (it was a short work week for me) and I felt more organized, present, and in alignment with myself. I also tried to let go of thinking it was a “waste of time” when in reality I was able to focus on myself, listen to a short podcast, and just enjoy the weather. I think my main problem with not making it a habit is that I rely on my car too much, since it adds so much more convenience to my life. I definitely want to make walking to work a habit, but not beat myself up if I end up driving.

5. Spend more time with friends

I would say I definitely hung out with my friends a lot this month! I put this as one of my happiness goals because I realized that I need to socialize more often in order to feel more myself, inspired, and motivated. I mean, humans ARE social creatures and even though I’m an introvert, I do need some time with others. I went on a trip to Pittsburgh with my friend Erin, went home for my birthday and caught up with my best friends, and spent this past week at my boyfriend’s. All around, a very social month I must say!

Overall, I’m quite pleased that I managed to prioritize and complete four out of five happiness goals this past month. Taking time to do these things made life less stressful and I was able to stay focused on hustling to achieve my “main” goals for the month, which I can say I achieved three of! It reaffirmed my belief that self-care is a very important thing to incorporate in our every day lives, especially when the world never seems to stop and we want to tell ourselves to keep going.

…and now onto May!

May Happiness Goals

1. Wear more color

I actually wore yellow yesterday and it felt so refreshing! Yes, I’m a neutrals lover at heart, but since this spring is all about being bold and getting out of your comfort zone, I feel these are good enough reasons for me to experiment with my style. I did have a little pop of red in this post, so I’m getting warmer!


2. Create mood/visualization board

Like I mentioned above, I’m carrying this over from last month because it’s something I keep saying and thinking about that it’s gotten to the point that I just need to make it! Part of the reason I want to share some of my goals on the blog is not only to inspire, but to hold myself accountable.

3. Catch up on my Netflix shows

Okay, I gotta admit that I don’t really watch TV that much lately as I’ve been focusing all of my attention on my blog. I mentioned in my post about stress that watching TV actually calms me down and helps me recharge when my creative juice starts running low. It’s a nice escape to get lost in another “reality,” so I’m making it a priority to catch up on a few shows–Reign in particular, but I also might start season 3 of How to Get Away With Murder. I haven’t started it yet because I know it will suck me in and I’ll end up binge-watching until 2 in the morning!

4. Take my mom to a yoga class

Mother’s Day is this month, so I really want to take my mom to another yoga class. Her first one she ever went to was a beginner class, but I wouldn’t say it was exactly for ALL beginners. I felt like the instructor wasn’t very good at *instructing* newbies and I ended up having to guide my mom throughout the class. She wasn’t discouraged by this experience though, so I think taking her to another class over Mother’s Day weekend would be fun!

5. Complete another no-spend month challenge

Some of you might be wondering why a no-spend challenge is on a happiness goal list, but hear me out. I’ve completed two months of no-unnecessary shopping and I can’t tell you how great it feels to go a whole month with only paying bills and purchasing groceries/household items. So many of us think that we find happiness in material objects, but I don’t.

I’ve also been a little out of control with my spending habits since I went to Miami back in March, so I think it’s time for a little restriction. I’m the type of person that needs to dive in deep to be able to commit to something, so that’s why I love challenges! So this month I’m vowing to not purchase ANY clothing or material objects that I don’t deem “necessary.” I think the biggest challenge will be that I’m traveling a lot this month, so I will have to plan according and eliminate any triggers.

Now, of course I’m going to encourage you to create some happiness goals for yourself. Trust me, you’ll eliminate unnecessary stress if you just set aside an hour or two to do things you love. You don’t need to have 5 goals like me, you can just have 1 or even 10! Do what works for you.

And to motivate you a little more, I suggest downloading my FREE May 2017 goal setting and planning printable! My April printables got great feedback and I used mine frequently to stay inspired, focus, and plan out my month.


There will be new monthly printables every month, so once you sign up for my May one you won’t have to do anything else, but check your inbox at the end of each month to start planning!

What do you think of happiness goals? What are some you want to set for yourself this month? Share them in the comments!

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  • Jess Watters

    Hi Sheila,
    Another great post! I am a clinical psychologist and graphic designer – working on my online business and blog at the moment. I definitely think making goals for ourselves, especially around self care and happiness, are totally essential, as otherwise those things tend to go out the window when we are busy and never happen!
    I really like that you are honestly sharing your own goals, and how you went – this is a wonderful idea and something I might look to do in future!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring 🙂

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