How to Try the Embroidery Trend For Spring

A hot spring trend that’s a great way to add some personality to your wardrobe this season is embroidery. You can find it on almost anything, from jeans to jackets, tops to dresses, shoes, and even handbags. If it’s something that’s caught your attention, but you’re not sure how to wear it or if suits your style, the beauty of this trend is that there are many different ways to add it to your everyday outfits. Whether you want something over the top, or a simple embellishment, it can easily match anyone’s taste.

How to Wear the Embroidery Trend for Spring
Top: c/o Dresslily (sold out, similar) / Jacket: Forever 21 / Skirt: Primark (similar) Mules: DSW / Bag: thrifted

As for me, I chose the simple route. As you may know, I like to try trends that align with my style, but I also like keeping my outfits pretty basic and timeless. The embroidery trend is something that I always found interesting, but never considered it something I could incorporate into my everyday style. I mean, are embroidered jeans going to be in a year from now? Probably not. I don’t really want to spend $80 on a cute pair of jeans with floral patches all over them, only to have it sit in my closet never to be worn again.
White Embroidery Shirt Spring Trend
Denim Jacket, Casual Outfit, Spring, Trends
How to Style Embroidery Patch Trend for Spring
How to Wear a pop of color for spring
How to Style Embroidery Patch Trend for Spring, Floral, Rose
That’s why I think this basic shirts like this little white polo are the perfect way to try the embroidery trend and also add a little boost to your every day basics. I haven’t worn a polo in ages (thank goodness popping our collars died years ago), but I was really drawn to this top from Dresslily which is unfortunately sold out now. You can find affordable similar pieces herehere, and here. The red rose is a simple embellishment, but adds so much life to my outfit. A subtle statement piece, if you will.
Denim Jacket, Black denim mini skirt, Spring Style
How to Style Embroidery Patch Trend for Spring
White Shirt, Black denim mini skirt, Spring Style
Embroidery shirt, Black denim mini skirt, Spring Style
I also like how embroidery can play into other spring trends, such as floral, patchwork, cropped denim, blouses, and so much more. There’s honestly a million different ways to try it. An even safer way to try it is just getting some patches and sewing them on an old t-shirt.
And it’s not just all about floral, you can find other prints such as heartsleaves, slogans, and even animals like this embroidered tiger patch jacket. Since this spring is all about being bold and getting out of your comfort zone, I think the embroidery trend is a great way to have fun with your outfits and make a statement.  






What do you think of the embroidery trend? How would you wear it for the spring/summer season?

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