7 Ways To Stand Out As a Blogger and Get Noticed (Plus Free Workshop)

Sooo…how many bloggers are there in the world? A lot is an understatement. Everything has been done before–it’s nearly impossible to write about anything “original” so what’s a beginner blogger to do? Do you ever think to yourself: my blog looks great. I have amazing images. And my content is pretty darn good if I do say so myself. So why isn’t anyone noticing my blog? What am I doing wrong?  Do I need to blend in like everyone else to be successful?

Girl, NO! If you have been struggling to get your voice heard, keep reading to learn 7 ways you can stand out and get noticed NOW. Make sure to read through to the end to learn how to sign up for a FREE live workshop I am co-hosting next week with my girl Katherine of Slightly Savvy that will teach you authentic and actionable strategies to stand out and make an impact online that you can start implementing right away!

how to get noticed as a blogger and stand out to grow blog


1. Have a Strong Mission Statement

A blog with direction is a blog that will go places. (Sounds hella cheesy doesn’t it?) A mission statement is only a few sentences long, but it packs a punch. It tells people in a hot second what your blog is going to give them and if it’s worth their time. Having a mission for your blog will help you grow a loyal blog audience that keeps coming back for more.

The most important thing I’ve learned since rebranding my blog is that having a strong mission statement is what keeps me inspired, motivated, and has helped me go from 3,500 monthly page views to over 22,000 page views in just 2 months. If the idea of having a super-specific niche turns you off, a mission statement is going to allow you to blog about a bunch of different things and still appeal to readers.

LEARN MORE: The live workshop will teach you how to create a mission statement for your blog and exactly what it needs to include in order to attract the right readers and get them to follow along with your blog. I wholeheartedly believe they are the driving force to growing your blog, so I can’t wait to share my tips!!

2. Brand Yourself

In a nutshell, branding is the look and feel of your blog. It encompasses more than just your logo and color palette, but your blog topics, target audience, writing style, and overall “vibe” you give off. Nailing your branding is how you will stand out and gain a following. Last week I shared my ultimate guide to branding and you guys seemed to love it!

I am absolutely obsessed with branding because it’s a great way to market yourself by embracing what makes you unique. I used to be so focused on blending in with other bloggers that I lost sight of who I really was. Now that I’ve embraced what makes me different (a girl in glasses who lives in Pennsylvania and works a 9-5 but also blogs and loves helping other bloggers) I’ve had people tell me that they love my blog because I’m relatable and different.

LEARN MORE: In the workshop, I’m going to be sharing the 3 key elements of memorable and successful branding. We’re going to be talking about the good vs. bad and how branding your blog will help you boost your page views, grow your audience, and land collaborations with brands and companies.

3. Build Your Social Media Presence

Being active on social media is a great way to get your blog noticed. The key is to not pour all your energy in trying to be EVERYWHERE. Figure out where your target audience hangs out the most and focus on just 2 platforms. For me, it’s Instagram and Twitter.

Make sure you schedule or designate time throughout the day to be present on your chosen platforms. If you use Twitter, Hootsuite is a great tool that I use to schedule my own and other bloggers’ content to share. You just don’t want everything to be automated though–spend 10-15 minutes interacting in threads or find a Twitter chat to join, which is a great way to find other bloggers to connect with.

How to Stand Out and Get Your Blog Noticed Free workshop

4. Be An Open Book

People love honesty, especially on the internet. With so many unauthentic growth strategies out there (especially when it comes to growing your Instagram) we are CRAVING genuine content and engagement. The best way to do this is to be completely transparent with your readers.

Properly disclose when giving reviews or working with brands and never share a post that isn’t 100% genuine. Give credit to other bloggers when it’s due, say if they’ve inspired you to write on a specific topic. I reached out to Helene of Helene In Between because she inspired me to write this blog post. I wanted her permission to make sure I wasn’t totally copying her idea. She responded with enthusiasm and boosted my confidence about the post and it is still one of my most popular posts to this day!

5. Reach Out To Other Bloggers

Extending my story about contacting Helene, reaching out to other bloggers via email or in the comments section is a great way to get noticed (by the right people!) When I started to pick up my growth strategy game, a blogger I followed and admired reached out on Twitter looking to put together a group of bloggers with similar focuses. I responded to her email expressing interest and not only was she excited to connect, but she also followed me on my social accounts! And now we’re really good pals 🙂

Another time I simply responded to a blogger’s weekly newsletter and she followed me on Instagram and Twitter and now we’re friends! This has actually how a lot of my blog friendships have developed and it all happened because I reached out to them! GUYS. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there and ENGAGE. It is a great way to genuinely grow your audience.

6. Become “Known” For Something

Developing authority in a certain area will help you stand out because you’ll become known as “the girl that knows everything about _____.” You can achieve this by really narrowing in on your blog’s focus and staying consistent with your message or mission statement.

I want to use Katherine over at Slightly Savvy as an example. She has quickly made a name for herself as the girl who works in PR and shares insider tips to work with brands on her blog. After she started to get more recognition for her insight and lots and lots of questions, she developed Summer Camp which was a HUGE success. She literally only thought 2-5 people were going to sign up…when in reality she had close to 30 campers in total! GO KATHERINE!!

LEARN MORE: The workshop is going to help you figure out what you’ll be known for online by embracing what makes you unique and how to start using that right away to get noticed. I’m really excited for this one y’all. Katherine will also be sharing what brands are NOT looking for when they’re in search of bloggers for brand collaborations. You’re not going to want to miss this (seriously.)

7. Know Your Why

When the going gets tough and you feel like you’ve hit a wall in terms of getting your blog and social media noticed, remind yourself of the reasons why you showed up to your blog in the first place. Why did you start blogging? Maybe it’s a creative way to express yourself or you love helping others.

I show up to my blog every day because knowing that I can help just one person keeps me going. Receiving comments, DMs, and emails from you guys with such amazing feedback and personal stories are what the things that motivate me every damn day and let me know that I am doing this for a reason.


 Comments like THIS are what I’m talking about. Katie of Katie’s Kronicles is such a dang sweetheart and always shows such amazing energy and enthusiasm after she reads my blog posts. She is obviously VERY passionate about growing her blog and knowing that I can help her every week makes me so freaking happy.


Live Workshop Details!

Get Your Blog Noticed and Stand Out Online Workshop

I am BEYOND excited to present Get Your Blog Noticed: How To Stand Out and Make an Impact Online alongside Katherine of Slightly Savvy. Although the live event has passed, you can click here to watch the replay!

This workshop is totally free and together we are sharing authentic strategies to create kickass content, grow your audience, work with brands, and SO MUCH MORE. We are both very passionate about helping you stand out online, so we really hope this hour and 15 minutes can help you!

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn during the workshop:

  • How to craft a strong mission statement to attract the right readers + grow your audience
  • 3 key elements of memorable branding to stand out 
  • Exercises to discover your blogging superpower by embracing what makes you unique
  • What brands are NOT looking for when searching for bloggers for brand collaborations
  • The keys of content that attract brands and creates a differentiator
  • 3 actionable steps to tweak your content and stand out to brands
  • PLUS everyone who shows up live until the end will get some free bonuses!!

Click here to watch the workshop!

Now is the time to start taking action and make a name for yourself! YOU GOT THIS GIRL. Make sure to share this event on Pinterest to spread the word! Can’t wait to see ya there 🙂

How to stand out online free workshop for bloggers

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  • I’m working now on my mission statement! With time I think I’ll have everything ready. Thanks for your tips. So excited for the workshop!

    • yassss! So glad you’ll be there 🙂

  • Yesss I love this SO much! SO pumped!!

  • Your tips were so helpful! As always, I learned so much from reading your blog posts. 🙂

    • Thanks Jennifer! Let me know if there is anything specific that I could write about to help you!

  • These are all welcomed tips! I find it quite hard to spend all that time growing my social media. It’s really hard work and balancing a full time job is just challenging.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • I totally know what you mean! It can be difficult to work 8+ hours then come home and work on your blog rather than relaxing.

      Sometimes I feel like social media is such a hassle (mostly just IG) but I genuinely love the platform and engaging with people. And I’m on Twitter so often because I feel like I have more freedom to post about things without much thought into it.

  • Sepideh

    Oh goodness, I’m disappointed I wont be able to attend the live workshop but I’m so excited about it! It’s wonderful to see partnerships bonding especially when it gives your readers such great content!!

    I agree with everything you said and although I’m still working on refining a few aspects of my blog (i.e. the missions statement – that’s something that I LOVED when I read your re-branding story and your mission statement, it really spoke to me and I could feel your passion for what you’re writing about) but I think my issue is that I’m impatient and also feel like I need to keep up with too many things at the same time. Between twitter, instagram, commenting on other blogs, interacting with other bloggers…it’s a bit overwhelming at times so I need to re-think my approach and maybe do it it chunks of time? Maybe one evening focus on commenting on other blogs, another day focus on scheduling instagram..? Ok now I’m just thinking out loud haha
    All that to say – another great blogpost!

    • Thanks for your support girl!!!

      And YES you should absolutely block out certain tasks for separate days, such as scheduling automated tweets, pins, your Instagram feed/captions, and commenting on blogs. Some things do need to be kept up with daily, such as engaging with your readers on IG + being active on Twitter. It helps you develop a strong connection with your readers which means faster growth!

  • Girl, this post is AMAZINGGGG! So many great tips and I am soo excited for the live workshop 🙂

    • YAY! So glad it could help and I’m so glad you’ll be there!!

  • Extremly helpful, many people add lot of social media to their blog but few are useful, for me i get lot of engagement from facebook and pinterest than others 🙂

    • Yes, it’s important to be INTENTIONAL in everything you do, especially when it comes to social media! Readers don’t like to be bombarded with a million things. Stick to simplicity and what works best for you!

  • Nichole Pricha Stockman

    EVERY blogger should read this. These are great points, and tips that you have made. As always I added a few to my ‘to do’s’ for the week. Such as a mission statement. It’s something I’ve known I should have but haven’t honestly realized how important it is to have one. I’m going to be watching the workshop for sure. Since I’m abroad and in a different time zone, I appreciate you having the reply option.

    As always much love!

    Nichole from the Bite Sized Foodie

    • Hey Nichole, thanks so much for giving me a shout out in your Insta story! I hope my strategies helped you develop a mission statement for your blog. I will head over there and check it out when I get a moment 🙂

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