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How to Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers in 30 Days

As a newbie blogger or budding business owner, I know how hard it can be to see growth on any platform–whether it’s blog traffic, Instagram, Pinterest, or that email list you’ve been meaning to work on. Spending time on your strongest platforms is essential for growing your blog or biz, and an email list is definitely one area you should be putting time an energy into.

My last post outlined how to start your email list, which is a great place to begin if you don’t have your email list set up (yet). There’s no better time to start than NOW. If you’re new here, I’m doing a series all about creating your email list from scratch and getting your first 100 subscribers. Today’s post is all about growing your readership from 0 to 100 in just 30 days.

First 100 Email Subscribers in 30 Days

Growing your email list to 100 subscribers in 30 days is totally doable if you commit to it. I have to be honest and say that it took me longer than 30 days to be my first 100, but I learned that the strategies I used in the beginning just didn’t work. Then I ended up getting 101 subscribers in 48 hours, catapulting my subscribers to over 200 after having my list for three months. That’s when I learned the secret to getting more subscribers, which I will be getting into soon 🙂

Remember: everyone is different and different strategies work for different people. In this post I will explain what worked for me along with the best methods to get your list off the ground and running.

1. Ask People to Join

Don’t be shy to ask friends, family, or even mutual blogging/Instagram pals to join your list to get started. Do be conscious of who you approach and don’t expect everyone to say yes. This strategy grew my list to over 30 subscribers within the first week.

When I was figuring out who to message, I made sure to only include people that I know have told me in the past that they like my blog, or they already follow me on social media and engage with my content. I simply just reached out to them to offer another way of connecting with my blog, if they would like to. Never put someone in a position where they feel obligated to join, because this will only hurt your list in the long run since they won’t engage with your newsletters.

2. Offer Opt-In Freebies Your Readers Will Love

This is the secret to successful email list building. People LOVE free stuff, especially if it’s incredibly useful and valuable information. My Free Instagram Hashtag Library opt-in got me 101 subscribers in 48 hours and really got my list going.

Here are a few examples of opt-ins you can offer:
    • mini ebooks
    • email courses
    • challenges
    • worksheets/workbooks
    • checklists
    • printables
    • access to a private Facebook group
    • tutorials

These types of freebies can work for any blogging niche/focus and don’t take very long to make. Knowing your blog audience will allow you the craft the perfect freebie that they will devour and share, which means more subscribers for you!

3. Be Consistent

Now that you’ve hooked your subscribers in, it’s time to send them regular newsletters! Consistency is very important if you want to build a successful email list. You don’t want your subscribers to forget about you, do you?

It’s important to always pop into their inbox 1 to 3 times a week, once every 2 weeks at a minimum. Failing to send emails out will mean that your subscribers might forget who you are or why they even signed up for in the first place. If you randomly email them a month later, they are more likely to unsubscribe. This actually happened to me and I had a subscriber reply to my new welcome email I sent out when she signed up for my list a month prior. She asked me how I got her email address (lol!) and I had to explain that she signed up for one of my freebies. Thankfully she didn’t unsubscribe! Take some time to carve out an email schedule that works for you and stick to it.


If this post helped you, please share it by pinning the image below! What do you plan to send your email subscribers? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your ideas!

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