Holiday Gift Guide: Wellness & Self-Care

Christmas is a week away, what?!? I know a lot of us still have our holiday shopping to do, so I’m sharing another gift guide to help ya out! We all have that one person in our life that is always busy, putting others before themselves, and never takes a break. My mom is guilty of this and I’m always telling her to take a second to breath! Constantly being busy and stressed out is not good for our health, so I’m a huge advocate for taking care of our physical and mental health in order to maintain a happy life. Today I’m sharing 13 gifts that promote self love and self care that are perfect for a spa night with the girls, someone who wants to embrace a more mindful lifestyle, or the up and go mom that deserves a couple hours all to herself.

1. I swear by essential oils and totally recommend them to everyone for ailments from acne to headaches to stress relief…there’s an oil out there for everything!
2. Stress Relief Teas include calming ingredients such as chamomile, lavender, lemon, and honey.
3Healing Crystals are  used to connect us with Earth’s energy and have been used for centuries to combat illnesses and promote good health. Different colors have different benefits.
4. Slipper and Lotion Set because everyone deserves a spa night.
5. Add some face masks into the mix and you are set for a soothing night in.
6. Sleep Masks are known to help people get better sleep by blocking out light. Perfect gift for someone who wants to become a morning person.
7. Everyone loves candles!
8. Inspirational Quote Mugs are cute and a help send friendly reminders to the drinker 🙂 Perfect to pair with stress relief tea.
9. Essential Oil Diffuser is a popular gift idea this year and there’s good reason.
10. A Mindfulness Journal is a good gift to for someone whose goal for 2017 is to live a more meaningful and happy life, but isn’t sure where to start.
11. Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp My friend has one and not only is it cool to look at, but also has many health benefits.
12. Bath Bombs are a fun addition to a soothing bath.
13. Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush Can someone actually buy this for me? My skin could use it!
14. My last idea isn’t a thing, but an experience! A yoga class or class package is a  gift you can share together. I took my mom to a stress relief yoga class for her birthday and she enjoyed herself. I’ve got her all interested in fitness and yoga now which makes me so happy! In addition to classes you can also add in some gear like a yoga mat or blocks, which I mention in my Fitness Gift Guide.
Is there anyone in your life that needs a night to de-stress or embrace a more mindful lifestyle? These items are also a great gift to yourself amidst all the crazy holiday commotion–don’t feel bad about buying yourself something!
Remember that tomorrow, December 18th is the last day to UPS Standard Ship your online orders to make sure they arrive in time for Christmas!
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