Dewey Beach, Delaware Travel Diary

I’m home from my long anticipated beach vacation and I’m going through the typical post-vacation blues. I’m sore, a little sunburned, missing the waves, and sipping on cold brew to try and get back to normalcy. My best friends Alicia, Sara, and I took our (now) annual trip to the shore (we went to Atlantic City, New Jersey last year) and this year we decided on Dewey Beach, Delware. 

I’ve never been to the Delaware beaches,but the two main ones in Delaware are Rehobeth Beach, which is much more bustlin’ and toursity, and Dewey Beach, which is more laid-back. I’m really glad Sara booked our hotel in Dewey because it was much more relaxing. We stayed at the Sea Esta III which was reasonably priced and included a kitchenette which was really nice. We bought groceries to save a little money (and our stomachs) from eating out the whole time.
We visited Rehobeth twice and the amount of people on the beaches, boardwalk,and shops was a little too overwhelming for us. If you are considering between these two beaches I definitely recommend figuring out if you would prefer a more relaxed location vs. fast-paced. There is also a $5 round-trip trolley service that can take you to either beach, so it was nice to spend some time in Rehobeth, while being able to go back to our hotel in Dewey. Rehobeth is also where the boardwalk is, along with many different retail shops, restaurants for all budgets, ice cream, coffee, etc.
 We made sure to plan a little itinerary to keep our days organized. This is a little tip to make sure you get to do everything you want to do, especially if you are only there for a certain amount of days! I wish we could have stayed a week, but four days and three nights was good enough for us!

Looking back on my photos as I type this makes me realize just how much I’m not used to writing travel posts! All my food shots along with some other photos are on my phone, although I do plan on writing more specific posts about my trip soon. 
Vacations always help to put your life into perspective and this trip is just what I needed. One of my goals for the next year is to save money for traveling. There are just so many places I want to see I’m kind of a materialistic person who likes tangible things,but I’m trying to work on this. I’ve reached that point in my life where I want to spend less on things and more on experiences (and food!)
Have you gone anywhere this summer or plan to soon?

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