Day 5 Build Your Blog Squad Course: Tweak Your Blog


Welcome to day 5! Today we’re going to optimize your blog by giving it some tweaks.


By the end of today’s lesson you’ll learn what your blog needs to have in order to stand out and attract your dream readers. Now, before we get started I encourage you to take some screen shots of your blog before making any changes. I think this is a great way to see your growth and is also pretty fun! Capture your homepage, a blog post, and about page πŸ™‚


When it comes to your blog and its design, you always want to keep your dream reader in mind. Since they are the ones that will be on your site the most often, you want to make sure they love it!

Yesterday’s branding workbook will help you decide on colors, fonts, and the overall “vibe” you want your blog to have. Other general things to keep in mind is to make sure your blog is functional and is easy to navigate. This means that all your links are working and it’s easy for your readers to find what they’re looking for. Your goal is to keep readers on your page as long as possible!

I also want to stress that having a clean and consistent blog design is extremely important in order to appeal to readers and will make you look more professional and credible as a blogger. A sloppy web design is not a good look!

Other important elements your blog should have:

  • About page + photo of you
  • Brief blog bio (your mission statement/tagline)
  • Linked social media icons
  • Blog categories
  • Search bar
  • Contact page
  • Logo/header image
  • Easy way to comment + share your posts
  • Archives page/site map
  • High quality photos

If a user ends up on your blog and gets frustrated with the design, load time, or can’t find what they’re looking for, they will exit out–no questions asked! And one last thing I want to add: if you have a side bar on your blog…please keep it neat and tidy! Keep your reader in mind! What would benefit them the most?


Using the checklist below, give your blog an “audit” and check off everything your blog has and work on the things it doesn’t. If you have any questions shoot me an email or reach out in the Facebook group!

Blog Must-Haves Checklist

Tomorrow we’ll be covering how to write content that your readers will love and share!


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