Day 4 Build Your Blog Squad Course: Build Your Brand


Welcome to day 4! Now that you’ve discovered your purpose, framed your focus, and crafted your mission statement, it’s time to get to the fun stuff: branding yo blog!


You’ll learn how to build an authentic brand that fits with your purpose and dream reader, and will attract the RIGHT people to your blog.


First of all, what is branding?

Branding is your overall blogging identity and how people feel when they interact with your blog. It’s what makes you memorable, stand out online, and helps you build a loyal squad that’s utterly obsessed about your content.

In a world with over a million blogs, you want to discover what makes you unique and rock the heck out of it! What’s your story? What are your quirks? What makes you different from the other bloggers in your niche/focus?

Some people use the term “superpower” to refer to what makes you special a.k.a. your uniqueness. Your superpower can be a special trait, skill set, or even your story that brought you where you are today. Identifying your superpower is what will make you stand out and attract your target audience.

Successful branding incorporates:

  • Being unapologetically YOU
  • attracting the right people who get you and your content (a.k.a. your dream reader)

Your brand is made up by:

  • the colors, fonts, and types of images you use
  • your message or mission statement
  • the type of people you attract
  • your tone/writing style/vocabulary you use
  • the overall vibe or experience you give off

When I think about good branding, I think about Starbucks. Everything from their logo and cups to the atmosphere of their stores and the music they place is cohesive. They’ve developed a strong loyalty with their customers, who go out of their way to get their Starbucks. I mean, we all have our go-to drink, don’t we?

Just like Starbucks you want to infuse your brand into EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. Your writing topics, the words you use, images, blog design, social media posts, email newsletters, etc.! When someone scrolls past an image on Instagram or Pinterest, you want them to instantly think, “oh that’s {{ subscriber.first_name }}’s blog!” That’s when you know you nailed it.


Download the workbook below to help you build your authentic brand and identify your superpower! Then head to the Facebook group and share it in the daily thread. Remember that your brand is made up by your purpose, focus, dream reader, and mission statement, so look back at your previous soul-work exercises to help you.

Build Your Brand Workbook

Tomorrow we’re going to set up your blog to attract readers and make them stay!


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