Caseapp Laptop Skin Review + Giveaway

It’s safe to say my obsession with marble is slowly growing. I already have a phone case in the design and I’ve also always wanted to try a laptop skin to give my device some personality. When Caseapp, known for their customization feature, reached out to me to design my own laptop skin or phone case I happily obliged. Continue reading for my review and details about how you could win your very own laptop skin or phone case!


They have an editor that lets you pick different pre-made designs, add text or clip art, upload your own photo or design, or even make a collage. I found this to be a cool feature with a pretty realistic preview of what your design would look like.


 In reality, I am not very creative and tried out different clip arts and text, but I felt that it clashed with my minimal aesthetic. So I opted for just ordering a plain black marble design. The adhesive is forgiveable if you don’t place it on your laptop perfectly the first time. I even removed it about a week after it was on my laptop, because it wasn’t totally on correctly and I wanted to test it for you guys. I have to say that it was a little difficult to remove it, but that just means it was on there really well! It didn’t leave any residue on my device and I was able to place it back on and it still looked great. This is a plus if you want to use different skins for your laptop depending on the season or your personal preference.


Overall I’m totally in love with this skin and it also makes a great prop for photographs (which is pretty important IMO). Caseapp has also been kind enough to offer a FREE laptop skin or phone case to one lucky In Search of Sheila reader! Their skins fit MacBooks, iPads, 15.6″ laptops, iPhones, and Samsungs. My laptop is just a tiny bit bigger, but it’s hardly noticeable.
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3. That’s it! The giveaway will run for a week and the winner will be announced on July 4th, 2016. Good luck!
Use the code “SHEILA20” to receive 20% off any purchase!

*This post was in collaboration with Caseapp. All opinions are my own!

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