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How To Boost Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Pinterest. I rave about it in practically every other blog post it and preach it as the holy grail to growing your blog. Trust me, I never used to love it. I’d post some nice images here and there, but couldn’t understand why my pins weren’t getting repinned, while every other blogger was posting about how they were exploding their page views and growing their Pinterest by 900%.

I just COULDN’T crack the code!

I even got to a point where I was convinced I had to pay some serious amount money to learn the “secret” to Pinterest success. Luckily I’m a very determined person who loves research, so it didn’t have to come down to that.

I took it upon myself to decode it once and for all. After tripling my blog traffic last month with the help of Pinterest, I’m finally feeling confident enough to share 7 tips on how to boost your traffic like WHOA using…yep! Pinterest.  Let’s do this!!


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1. Write Valuable Content

Remember that the foundation of a successful blog is high-quality content oozing with value. With a click-worthy title and compelling content, no one is going to read and share your post unless it evokes an emotion or solves a problem they’re struggling with. This is why it’s very important to know who your target readers are and what they need help with to drive more clicks to your site.

2. Create Eye-Catching Pins

Along with valuable content, you need eye-catching pins. A good pin is vertical & long with text overlay that explains what your post is about and has a link to your website. You should also include your logo or domain name on the pin so it can be easily traced to your blog. When it comes to creating your pin images, envision it in a sea of other pins, competing to stand out.

The recommended size of a pinnable image is 735 px X 1102 px, but you can go even taller than that. I like to mix it up and make my images 735 x 1400. When it comes to text, your font needs to be easy to read, especially from a mobile device as most people use their phones to browse on Pinterest. Stick to large, readable fonts in a darker color over a light background.

3. Treat Pinterest Like a Search Engine

Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest acts as a visual search engine, not a social media platform. Add niche-relevant keywords to your descriptions to increase your likelihood of your target readers finding your pins. If you have a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (a.k.a. SEO) then all you need to do is apply the same strategy to your pin!

*Pro-Tip: Your descriptions should be 2-4 sentences long and include a call to action to get people to click on the link to read your post. You’re welcome.

4. Make It Easy To Share

Whenever I read a blog post that I really love or think would help others, I want to share it! So it absolutely KILLS me when bloggers don’t have any share buttons on their blog! If you have WordPress, get the Jetpack plugin now! Also, most templates nowadays will automatically put a “pin it” button right over your images, which makes it even more easy for readers to share your content. If you don’t have one there’s a WordPress plugin for that too. It’s called Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover And Post. Pretty good title, huh?

5. Join Group Boards

As I’ve preached in the past, bloggers need other bloggers. Even on Pinterest. Fortunately for us, the blogging gods have blessed us with group boards, which are responsible for giving our pins the attention they deserve.

A group board allows multiple people to pin to it, which means a greater chance for your pins to be seen, saved, and clicked on. The two best ways to find group boards are and by searching through other user’s accounts.

*Pro-tip: Group boards are distinguishable because they have a little circle in the bottom left corner.

Always read the board’s description which will give you directions on how to join. Usually, you send an email or direct message to the creator, or you can leave a comment on a recent pin.

Now you’re probably wondering where the heck to find group boards. Oh, I got you, girl, don’t you worry. Here are some group boards to get you started:

Want more? You can get access to a list of over 75 group boards in my free resource library!


Blogging Tips Pinterest Boost Traffic

6. Post At the Best Time, A Lot

When it comes to finding the best time to pin think of when you would normally hop on Pinterest. For most people it’s in the evening right before they go to bed. According to CoSchedule, the best time to pin is generally between 1 and 4 p.m. and  8 and 11 p.m., especially on Saturdays. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

On top of pinning at optimal times, you want to pin A LOT. But no, that doesn’t mean you have to be pinning 24/7. Nobody got time for that! That’s why BoardBooster and Tailwind have graced our presence by making our lives a heck of a lot easier.

These are scheduling tools that allow you to pin on autopilot! BoardBooster is great because it has a looping features which allows to to re-pin older pins depending on your preferences. And as for Tailwind…I explain more about that below.

7. Hop on the Tailwind Train

You’re probably sick of hearing me talk about Tailwind, but that’s probably because you aren’t using it! It is seriously game-changing when it comes to getting your pins noticed and shared. Why am I obsessed with Tailwind?

  1. It allows me to pin 50 pins a day ON AUTOPILOT
  2. You can download a Chrome extension and schedule pins straight from your browser
  3. You can schedule pins from the Pinterest app too!
  4. You can post your pins in Tailwind Tribes, which is essentially like group boards
  5. It has a “smart scheduler” that will schedule your pins at your most optimal pinning times.

If you want to try it out for yourself you can use my referral code to get a month free! Click here to get started.


Now I know that was a lot in this post to digest, which is why I tried to keep this post as simple as possible. To sum it up:

  1. Think of Pinterest like a search engine
  2. Write content that provides a lot of value
  3. Create eye-catching pins that are vertical and has a link to your blog post
  4. Pin to group boards
  5. Pin frequently!
  6. Use scheduling programs like and Tailwind and BoardBooster to pin on autopilot.

I’ve also made a handy dandy little checklist that expands on this post and includes everything you need to know to start pinning like a pro and explode your blog traffic! Grab it below.

Become a Pinning Pro, Like Right Now!


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What do you think of Pinterest in terms of growing your blog? What strategies work for you?

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Increase blog traffic with Pinterest

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  • Great post! I definitely agree with tip #2, #3, and #6. I’ll definitely be utilizing these tips myself. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Awesome, let me know how the tips worked out for you Jennifer!

  • THANK YOU. I have been trying to understand Pinterest the past couple of days and it’s so hard to get the hang of. This was so helpful, Sheila! I just followed you and your board on Pinterest!

    Enclothed Cognition

    • Yay!! I’m so glad this was easy to absorb. Pinterest definitely takes some time to get the hang of!

  • Sepideh

    I’ve been working on my Pinterest game this week! I re-did a cover-page for each board so that my page is consistent and on brand, I’m now doing overlays for images for each blogposts (and this weekend will be tackling old blogposts and doing the same) and I’ve scheduled blogposts with Tailwind!! I thought I had to use hashtags in the description – oups!! And I need to increase the number of pins I do but I’ve been trying to pin manually myself throughout the day when I have a few minutes to spare.
    When we say ‘re-pin’ something, does that mean that the pin will re-appear a couple of times in the same board? Does that look bad? (Whether it’s a group board or your own).
    PS. do you like how I’m giving you a summary of my homework? HAHA

    • Adrianna Schmeck

      I’m new to blogging and using pinterest to get traffic. I was wondering the same thing as you, Sepideh, about re-pinning. Does that post then show up a bunch of times on your board? I don’t really understand how you could pin 50 times per day without your boards being repetitive. I must be missing something, someone please explain haha

      • Hey Adrianna! I pin my own and other people’s pins, so it’s not just all mine haha. And I pin on my own boards and group boards too. I do repeat on my boards and in group boards, but I give them enough time in between so it’s not spammy, if that makes sense! I like to think of a pin going through a cycle. Once it’s been a little while and I will repin it again so new people can find it 🙂

        • Adrianna Schmeck

          Oh okay, that makes sense! Thank you for the advice. I’m still so knew to this!

    • Hey girl! Yes, re-pinning means that it will reappear again in the same board, but that is OKAY! The key is to broaden them out so it doesn’t look too spammy. Think of your pins of going through a cycle–eventually it’s fine to re-pin them so they can get seen by other people.

      And YES to your homework summary, love it!

  • Caitlin

    Group boards are SO important! Thanks for sharing!

    Beauty & Colour | Vegan Lifestyle Blog

    • They really are! Thanks for reading Caitlin!

  • I used to use Pinterest a lot a couple years ago then gradually stopped.. I guess I really should get back in the Pinterest game again! Just followed you on there 🙂

    • Haha I feel you! I used it for a little bit when I still posted about fashion, but slowly lost interest. Now I’m obsessed!

  • Tailwind has made my life sooo much easier! I finally made the leap and purchased a 1 year subscription, and it’s been really worth it!

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