How To Create Crave-Worthy Content Your Audience Will Love

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could read our audience’s mind? Whenever we sit down to write our posts, we could totally skip the hmm what should I write? stage and instantly start typing away?

If you want to grow your audience & email list and even turn your blog into a business, it’s very important to create crave-worthy content that catches your audience’s attention and keeps them coming back for more.

Keep on reading to learn my top tips & strategies to consistently come up with a kick-ass content strategy that’s going to save you loads of time and build an audience of raving fans!

How To Create Shareable Content Your Audience Will Love

It’s Not Blog Magic

Trust me, I’ve been there. Totally stuck for ideas. Staring at the computer screen. And honestly, it’s something I still struggle with from time to time.

But coming up with blog posts your audience is dreaming about isn’t a secret spell. Everything I produce on this blog is created with the intention of serving my audience. 

Whenever I get comments and emails like Sheila, you read my mind! This is EXACTLY what I’ve been struggling with! I get all giddy on the inside because it means my tactics are working.

Everything I’m doing is not a happy accident. It’s on purpose.

And you can get comments from your readers just like this, by creating intentional content that speaks directly to your readers.

Ready to learn how to spellbind them?

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1. Know Your Audience (No, REALLY Know Them)

So you think you know your audience?

First things first: you need to know more about them than their gender and how old they are.

One step further: you need to know more than their interests and struggles.

Sheila…what else is there to know?

I’m talking get deep into their heads. Creepy, I know. But being creepy means you’re going to be able to consistently create content that they will love.

Know what motivates them. What inspires them. What their goals are. Their big dreams.

But also know what scares them. What keeps them up at night. What’s holding them back from reaching their big dreams.

When you’re able to get inside your audience’s head, you’ll be able to write blog posts that hit these points and they’ll fall into your lap.

2. Understand Their Struggles

While you’re inside their head, you need to not only know their struggles but understand them. And use ’em to your advantage.

Whatever they’re facing that is hard, challenging, or frustrating in regards to your niche, ask yourself: how can I help them overcome and conquer? How can I make their life easier?

Slide in swiftly with your skills and expertise to help them.

For me, my audience struggles with growing their blogs in an authentic way. They often get overwhelmed by all the blogging blogs out there and want a simple, how-to approach to answering their questions and reaching their goals.

That’s when I come in 🙂

How To Write Blog Content Audience Will Share


3. Keep Your Content In Line With Your Mission

One problem many bloggers face is that they’re all over the place with their content. While I totally believe that you can have a successful blog without a niche, you do need to have a clear focus.

What this means is that while you may want to blog about different topics, you need to make sure all of your posts relate to one overarching theme: your blog’s mission statement.

A mission statement gives your blog direction and focus. It tells visitors what your blog is about and why they should stick around. If you crafted an on-point mission statement, it’ll instantly resonate with visitors who fit your ideal reader profile.

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4. Write To Just One Person

Yes, you want to grow your audience, but to help with the writing process I encourage you to think of just one person to write to. This is your ideal reader.

Bloggers get tripped up with this because they look at their analytics and notice that all walks of life read their blogs…how can they write to just one person when they want to appeal to everyone?

Well, there’s your first problem. Writing for EVERYONE means you’ll resonate with NO ONE.

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Narrowing down your ideal reader into one person will not only allow you to appeal to everyone that fits that profile, it’ll make the entire writing process easier because you know what motivations, struggles, and frustrations you’re trying to solve.

How To Write Shareable Blog Posts

5. Find Your Voice

Finding your blogging voice is a journey that takes practice. The more you write, you more you’ll sharpen your communication skills.

I majored in history in college, so I’ve written A LOT of formal style papers. For me, using the word “I” in papers was a huge sin that I avoided like the plague, as that was NOT academically sound.

But bloggers aren’t writing for professors. We’re writing for OUR readers who want to learn from us in a way that emphasizes our personality and authenticity.

So write like you talk in real life. It will make your content easier for your audience to connect with and help you distinguish yourself from other bloggers.

Pro tip: If you’re stumped for ideas or are trying to find your voice, use a speech-to-text device to record your blog post, rather than actually writing it! Sometimes it’s easier to get ideas out of our heads if we say them out loud.

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5. Make Them Feel Included

Speak to your readers, literally. Address them and give them a name.

I call my audience my “blog squad” and I always address them collectively. Like a community.

That way, they feel included. “Hey squad!” Or “Hey babes!” are phrases that frequently come out of my virtual mouth.

Do this in every piece of content you produce and be consistent with it.

  • blog posts
  • newsletters
  • social media posts
  • videos

We’re humans, we all want to feel like we’re part of something. ::Flashback to middle school when all we wanted was to sit at the cool table::

Side note: my middle school lunch table literally voted people “off the island.” Survivor style. Looking back, I was SUCH a mean girl. Thankfully I’ve grown up a bit lol.

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6. Use Language They Resonate With

A good way to connect with your audience is to include words and phrases they use on a daily basis. You can figure this out is by noticing the language they use in your comments section and on social media.

Observe the actual words they’re using and notice any patterns. Do they say certain words or express certain feelings a lot?

Another tactic is to find an IRL person who fits your ideal reader profile and analyze what words and phrases they use. Or you can even spark a conversation with them by shooting them a DM or email!

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How To Create Shareable Blog Content

7. Ask Them What They Want

The last strategy is to go straight to the source. Ask them what they want from you!!

This isn’t the easy way out. This isn’t sleazy. This is SMART and it’ll make your life way easier.

The best ways to do this are:

  • whip up a quick survey and send it to your email list
  • create a poll on Instagram or Twitter
  • DM or email select readers who fit your ideal reader profile
  • browse through your comments section

If you don’t have an audience yet, join some Facebook groups and see what others are struggling with!

Pssst, I have a Facebook group you can join here!

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  1. Know Your Audience
  2. Understand Their Struggles
  3. Keep Your Content In Line With Your Mission
  4. Write For Just One Person
  5. Make Them Feel Included
  6. Use Language That Resonate With Them
  7. Ask Them What They Want

While it may seem super hard sometimes to come up with blog posts your audience wants to read, the biggest things to remember is you need to KNOW who you readers are actually are and how you can connect with them through your content.

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What words and phrases do your readers use? Do you include it in your blog and social media posts?! 

BTW please share this post on Pinterest to help others trying to grow their audience!

How To Create Blog Content Your Readers Will Love

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  • Jennifer S

    This blog post was helpful! I definitely learned a lot and I’m going to utitlize your tips ASAP. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • awesome, glad to hear that you’ll be taking action!!

  • These are great tips! I actually looked back and discovered that a lot of my posts were written way too formal like I was writing for a magazine or newspaper article. I’m working on writing more like I speak (or the way I write comments) and it’s helping.

    • I totally agree! Some of my old blogging posts are so boring, so I went back and injected some more personality into them and they are SO much better.

  • I love the idea of use text to type for dictating blog posts! I think it could really help me write the way I speak. My goal is to make my posts sound like they’re a conversation between me and the reader, and I try to infuse my everyday sayings into my posts. Speaking the advice before writing it might help me achieve that more!

    • Yeah!! Totally a great way to pick up on words, phrases, feelings you use and translate it to text so it’ll connect with your audience more 🙂 I think your blog posts do a great job of casually speaking, I can really pick up on your “voice”!

  • This was an AMAZING post and I feel like now I have a much better strategy to put in place for my content 🙂 I also love the idea of recording yourself talking and then putting that into writing!

    • Yayy! Approaching out contention creation with intention is so important! and yes, it’s so much easier for me to talk things out sometimes.

  • First of all, I’m honored that my comment and photo made it into your blog post!! Lol I’m famous ya’ll! 😂 But really, this post is the truth. I think we’re really focused on just putting a new post on our blog that we forget to tailor the content to our readers. Remembering our target audience actually makes content creation so much easier.

    Sade |

  • Terrah LynNee

    This was an amazing post. I never thought of the whole write to one of your readers idea.

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