22 Things I Love About Fall

Fall Sweater Jeans

The fall season officially arrives here in the United States tomorrow, September 22! (Who else never knew that meteorological autumn was a thing??) Since my excitement is (clearly) at an all time high, I thought I would share 22 things I love about the fall season. Honestly I’m just ready for the heat to go away, but there are so many other things to embrace beyond the cooler temperatures, fall fashion definitely being one of my top favs!

1. Sweater weather
2. Warm beverages (don’t worry-I’ll still be sipping my iced coffee!)
3. Baths
4. Fall foliage
5. Burning candles
6. Soup
7. Cozy blanket time
8. Chilly mornings
9. Halloween
10. Pumpkins and pumpkin flavored things
11. Jackets
12. Layering
13. Daylight Savings (get an extra hour of sleep!)
14. Beanies
15. A return to routines
16. Leggings!!!
17. Crisp air
18. Dark lipstick
19. The end of Mercury Retrograde (!!!!!)
20. Farmer’s markets
21. Baked goods
22. Alllll the sounds & smells

Be sure to let me know some of your favorite things about fall in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚


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