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7 Authentic Strategies To Grow Your Instagram Community

If you came here to learn tips and tricks to “beat the algorithm” or how to grow your Instagram account over night, you’re in the wrong place. I hate to break it to ya girlfriend, but Instagram has changed so much that it’s time to start changing how you use it and your social media strategy in general. I want to share 7 actionable and authentic strategies that you can use to “grow” your Instagram in a way that isn’t measurable by numbers, but by impact and community.

These are things I’ve personally started implementing that have boosted my engagement like crazy, while my follower count continues to goes up, then down. If you’ve grown frustrated and are at your wit’s end, keep reading to learn a new approach that will grow your Instagram by embracing the algorithm, forgetting about the numbers, and focusing on building a community.

How To Grow Instagram Community


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